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    He's off to a good start. Reminds me that I need to pull cards this weekend.

    Diesel treatment

    Timely discussion. I just replaced both diesel fuel filters on our tractor. I ran into problems last winter, new tractor to me and I didn’t open the petcock on the two fuel filters last fall, had icing issue that a product called 911 got me through. I had bought a bottle of another...

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    Pressure has definitely increased. Lots more hunters now. Makes me shake my head when new legislation is pushed in the name of hunter recruitment. I always respond with just where are they supposed to hunt? Urban sprawl was mentioned. I hunt a property in urban sprawl and it has nose dived in...

    Sharpening Broadheads and Replacement Blades

    Dull blades crush tissue, closing cut arteries and veins. Sharp blades make wounds that bleed better. My opinion and I’m sticking with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    I avoided talking about pressure in my earlier post. When we bought ground back in 1991, there was a large group that pushed the river bottom during shotgun season. We’d see pickup loads of orange going by as they organized drives. That is nonexistent anymore. I know of other groups that have...

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    I'm guilty as charged, took way too many does when "they" said we needed to trim the herd. Then a wave or two of EHD came through and things haven't rebounded. Haven't shot a doe in many years now and really don't plan on ever going back to it. Lately I've been passing on bucks I would have...

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    I look forward to your Bighorn Hunt story!! Good luck!

    First fawn of the year

    Jumped a fawn mowing pasture last Saturday. Haven’t checked cameras for a couple of months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    I think Michael Moore did one of his “documentaries” on how dirty solar panel production is, high percentage don’t work right off the line, then faulty or broken panels are a disposal nightmare. Same thing with the wind turbine blades as they are composite materials that can’t be easily...


    By pushing those electric cars? We have a pto generator we bought off a retiring dairy farmer. Had a disconnect box wired in. But then need fuel for the tractors. Talking about a LP generator and then top off the 1000 gallon tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Flat tires!

    How does a person “age” tires? I’ve had old tractors with old tires that the rubber got hard with age and were less likely to puncture. Put new front tires on one tractor and suddenly got flats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Yes, well aware of that but politicians are more interested in smoke and mirrors, calling things what they want, making up terms if needed for spin.

    Looking for some 50 Lbs Bags of Urea

    Is there a local farmers CoOp? Years ago, I visited our local CoOp and was able to shovel urea out of a bin into trash cans that I loaded into the p/u. They had it loose as they loaded into trucks that would spread it on ag fields.


    “Hunters have no need for an AR. What, the deer are wearing Kevlar?” Joe Biden. Might not be verbatim, but he basically said it. Seems like lots of hunters in Iowa jumped on the 450 Bushmaster and 350 legend in the “AR” platform. Soon to be banned with the .223/6.5 mm guns? Limits on magazine...

    What types of farm equipment is needed to plant on a farm

    Just planting, no harvesting? A no-till grain drill will put wheat and oats into the ground. I don't know too many farmers who raise wheat in Iowa. Not sure my local CoOp elevator is set up to handle it. Most oats is planted for a nurse crop with alfalfa, bale the straw and maybe grind the...

    Expensive shed find

    Been there, done that. Last thing a person needs this year is a delay in getting crops in the ground.

    2022 Idaho Bear Success - Two Bears!

    Watched earlier, nice!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Foodplot tractor

    I looked at a JD promo for the 1025, 84 payments of $112 per month. I’m not doing that! I’d find a larger brand X used for less money. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Smokeless muzzle loaders in Iowa.

    I mentioned SR4759, which unfortunately has been discontinued by the vendor. The amount I have on hand, plus that fact that I rarely shoot, should last a lifetime. I do have Vihvatouri N110 and N120 on hand, along with 5744 and 4227. Started out with the 4227 and 5744 then switched to SR4759...

    Smokeless muzzle loaders in Iowa.

    I've spent a fair amount of time reading about smokeless ML on Doug's: https://dougsmessageboards.proboards.com/ ArrowheadRifles is a member here who I expect will chime in. https://www.arrowheadrifles.com/ I have a couple of Savage ML10 II's that I bought early in the smokeless era. My main...
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