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Search results

  1. dblmainbeam

    a good life lesson :)

    Wife Zone: http://youtu.be/qHQWlFtSptU
  2. dblmainbeam

    hey country fans

    Off topic but A good buddy of mine has decided to get famous. He's doing a radio tour right now and getting good reviews. Hopefully we'll be hearing him on the radio soon! He sings country the good ole country way! What do ya think? Troy Bullock - Country Go Round - Official Music &hellip...
  3. dblmainbeam

    public ground trees

    Does anyone know why the DNR cuts down trees that grow on public ground. In the last 5 years I have seen where they come in and cut down all the trees then they just leave them laying where they fall. It looks like coyote habitat. I was really disappointed yesterday when I went to a spot to...
  4. dblmainbeam

    sick deer

    Do you think this deer has ehd? I see she has a large tumor.
  5. dblmainbeam

    am I wrong?

    Heres the lesson i learned. You get what you pay for. I learned the hard way a few years ago. I had caught crap for not using a local taxidermist so a few years ago I took a deer to him. Never again will I take the cheap route. I have seen some amazing deer that in my opinion are destroyed by...
  6. dblmainbeam

    worst nightmare

  7. dblmainbeam

    Throwback poster

    Mine just fell off the wall the other day. I wish they still made them.
  8. dblmainbeam

    3 year wait

    Ive been waiting for this guy for a long time. I passed on him in 2011. In 2012 I had hundreds of pics of him all at night. I only saw him once from the stand and he was to far out. I passed on a lot if nice deer because I only wanted him. 2013 This year seemed like it was going to be...
  9. dblmainbeam


    This would be little spooky ! http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-notes/2013/10/deer-hunter-leaps-tree-escape-helicopter-tree-trimmer?src=SOC&dom=fb
  10. dblmainbeam

    Huge Crappie

    What a bummer! found this pig laying along the shore of our pond. I think its a black crappie. I think white crappies have an up and down pattern on there sides.Hoping someone could tell me if it is black or white crappie.
  11. dblmainbeam

    deer classic measuring question

    I can only get to the classic sunday. I want to have a deer measured. Has anyone taken a head in on sunday? Just wondering if they will tell me they dont have time to do it.
  12. dblmainbeam

    Glad I bought this when I did!

    Just thought I would show off my new bushmaster. Hoping to get out to western Nebraska yet this winter and reach out and touch some dogs.
  13. dblmainbeam

    better pic of the double drop

  14. dblmainbeam

    Biggest buck I have layed hands on!

    I got a call tonight to score a deer. A dream deer! I rough gross scored him at 187. 8 and 9 inch drops. Not very tall tined but major mass! the crazy part is it was shot a mile from my house and i live in town( kind of a small town). I heard about him but figured it was a story. I guess I was...
  15. dblmainbeam

    Youth bow hunting question

    I borrowed my old bow to a friends son(hes 14). He has been practicing and wants to hunt. He can hunt a short distance from his house(about 1/2 mile). I dont have the time to sit with him and his dad does not bow hunt. He wants to go out this weekend and were trying to find the regulations and...
  16. dblmainbeam

    new in box browning

    I have a new 2012 model browning abolt ll composite stalker .308. Looking to trade for a varmint rifle. Shoot me a pm if your interested. I can show pics if anyone wants to see it.
  17. dblmainbeam

    Crap!!!!!(Pic heavy)

    Hey you want to see a magic trick? :drink1:
  18. dblmainbeam

    with all the age talk

    Heres a pic from a couple of years ago. I think this is an old timer but what do you think?
  19. dblmainbeam

    My favorite pics so far this year

  20. dblmainbeam


    Big Doe Down! I had one pumped up kid tonight when he made a perfect shot on this nice doe. It was his first deer and I'm not sure which one of us was more nervous in the seconds before the shot. I had major buck fever on a doe I wasn't shooting at!
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