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Search results

  1. mzldr4life

    I'm interested in both of the nicer Leupold scopes.

    I'm interested in both of the nicer Leupold scopes.
  2. mzldr4life

    New Broadheads

    skip can you post a link to the ramcats you are referring to?
  3. mzldr4life

    Muzzleloader scope

    Right now fleet farm has the VX-R 3-9x40 on sale for $360. Pull the trigger?
  4. mzldr4life

    Muzzleloader scope

    I own their range finder and razor HD binos and love them as well.
  5. mzldr4life

    Muzzleloader scope

    What vortex would you recommend?
  6. mzldr4life

    Muzzleloader scope

    Would like to be under $500.
  7. mzldr4life

    Muzzleloader scope

    I’m in the market for a new muzzleloader scope to put on my knight .50 cal. I was looking at the Nikon P3 last year but I now see it has been discontinued. Any recommendations on a scope to put on?
  8. mzldr4life

    HuntVe UTVs

    Wanting 10,000 for the hybrid and 9,500 for the straight electric.
  9. mzldr4life

    HuntVe UTVs

    Two practically brand new, lightly used HuntVe UTVs. One has an onboard gas generator that will charge the battery or can also be plugged in to be charged. The other charges by being plugged in. Decided one larger UTV with 6 seats is the way to go instead of two individuals for our farm. Cash...
  10. mzldr4life

    Wireless Trail Cams

    What do you use?
  11. mzldr4life

    I’ll buy the knight muzzleloader. You can call me or text at 515-509-3011. I have cash and am...

    I’ll buy the knight muzzleloader. You can call me or text at 515-509-3011. I have cash and am flexible to meet this week.
  12. mzldr4life

    Wireless Trail Cams

    I am looking at buying a few wireless trail cameras. Will use them for hunting as well as work. I'm in sales/project management and have some sites as far as California, but most of them are in the Midwest. I want to get a few cameras to put on job sites so I can better monitor daily progress...
  13. mzldr4life

    New Binos

    What’s your recommendation for new binos? Not looking to spend $1,500 but willing to spend more than $300. I like vortex warranty but when looking through a buddies pair of razor HDs they seem to have the best clarity and gathering light that I have found with little research. But the $800-$1000...
  14. mzldr4life


    I have photos of him every month since may and this wound just showed up on the last card pull. I thought the same thing originally but after looking back, it’s definitely a new wound
  15. mzldr4life


    Looks to be pretty infected, I hope he heals up alright. Promising young deer I would like to see in another year or two!
  16. mzldr4life

    Palmetto state armory reviews

    Well I ordered the PA10 gen2 in 308. Looking forward to getting it this week!
  17. mzldr4life

    Palmetto state armory reviews

    Anyone out there have any feedback/opinions on PSA ARs? I am looking at buying an AR10 or building one and it seems like the PSA uppers/lowers/Complete rifles are pretty cost effective with good reviews online. Looking to use as a gun for doe management in high power counties with possibility of...
  18. mzldr4life

    Brassicas in standing corn

    I was reading on here a while back and came across someone broadcasting a brassica mix into standing corn. I am thinking of doing this same thing now with this rain the way it has come down. If you have done this, I’m assuming the best way is to broadcast below waste level so the seed has a...
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