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  1. bowman

    Colorado Hunters Beware......

    Hey guys, the push for introducing wolves into Colorado has been gaining momentum and it will now be going to a ballot vote in reasonably near future for Colorado residents. If you hunt Colorado, or know people who enjoy their recreational activities in Colorado, listen to this podcast and...
  2. bowman

    Been awhile......

    After setting a lofty goal for myself in 2016, three seasons passed without a buck harvest. My goal was to harvest a buck that would outscore my biggest buck. The problem........ I haven't seen one. The reality is that no matter how old a buck gets, he may never be a high scorer. But an old buck...
  3. bowman

    Easton Axis Infused Carbon 300 Arrows

    5 used bare shaft Easton Axis Infused Carbon 300s. Cut to 28" from crotch of nock to end of shaft. I have 1 more that has damage on the nock end that could potentially be cut down. I can include it or throw it away. $25
  4. bowman

    Sportdog In-ground Fence System

    Sportdog In-ground Fence system. Comes with everything seen here. It was used for only a short time as my lab is not too bright and would walk right through it and yelp all the way. Has been boxed up for the past 3 years. $100.
  5. bowman

    Bowman Family Season Update

    2018 has been a crazy busy year. My daughter got engaged so planning has already begun for a 2019 wedding. After a year of planning, workouts, meal prep, etc, my 17 year old son, Trent, was able to connect on day 7 of his first Colorado Muzzy Elk hunt. The shot was only 20 yards and it was all...
  6. bowman

    Team Bowman Success

    Well, the kids have done very well so far this year! Trent was the first to harvest a buck during the Early Muzzleloader season. He did it all on his own while I was at work with no help from Dad. He put a perfect shot on this beautiful 8 and he went down within sight. Luckily big sister came...
  7. bowman

    Badlands Cinder -10 Degree Sleeping Bag (Long)

    If you are planning a trip west for a hunt or have a cub or boy scout that could use a good warm mummy bag, I have a Badlands Cinder -10 degree (Long) mummy bag for sale. They sell for $159.99 from Badlands and other internet sites, I will let this go for $125. This is the new version with cell...
  8. bowman

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Boots size 11

    Elk season is approaching and I am selling my Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 boots, size 11. I absolutely love these boots. They are top of the line and the best boot that I have ever worn. Unfortunately I have developed a severe case of plantar fasciitis and the stiff mountain style boot is...
  9. bowman

    Wyoming Vacation Tips?

    We enjoy finding western towns that are off the beaten path and not heavy with tourist activity that we can explore, hike, fish, and go on our own wildlife viewing car rides daily. The past 2 years we have stayed in the Gunnison and Crested Butte area of Colorado and loved it. I would like to...
  10. bowman

    2016-2017 IW PMA Big Buck Contest!

    Here we go! The deer season is upon us. Between out of state hunts and family life, time got away and we are a little late posting this up. As always, you must be a PMA (Prime Membership Advantage) member to be eligible for the contest. Like we did last year, the children of PMA Members are...
  11. bowman

    Beatle Cleaned Euro Options

    Who is good and reasonable in central Iowa? My daughter just got her first elk (story and photos coming soon) and the guy who has done mine for years doesn't have a colony this year. I need to find somewhere to go quickly. Had a disaster with having a taxi boil a head for me and won't go that...
  12. bowman

    Thor Bullets Review

    Let me first say that Thor is not a sponsor of IW and I didn't receive any kind of discount for this write up. I just wanted to let everyone on IW of my experience with Thor Bullets and their customer service. My daughter drew a Colorado muzzleloader elk tag for this fall. This began the...
  13. bowman

    Badlands Cinder 35 Degree Sleeping Bag (Sold)

    If you are planning a trip west for a hunt or have a cub or boy scout that could use a good, lightweight and warm mummy bag, I have a brand new, unopened, Badlands Cinder 35 degree (Long) mummy bag for sale. They sell for $159.99 from Badlands and other internet sites, I will let this go for...
  14. bowman

    Iowa Deer Classic 2016 Pics

    Sorry for the delay here folks. I was out of town immediately following the classic for a week and then a busy weekend after. Here are some photos of the leader boards as of noon Sunday (might have changed after I left) and some photos of my family enjoying the sights and sounds that the...
  15. bowman

    2015-2016 PMA Big Buck Contest Results!

    **Because these bucks were posted on the PMA Membership Forum, I will leave it up to the winners if they want to post photos of their bucks in the general forum. And the winners are......................................... 1st Place........ 6X6 195 2/8" And he has picked the Grizzly 75...
  16. bowman

    PMA Big Buck Contest / Website Issues

    Hey folks, I heard from OneCam yesterday and found that the website issues are turning out to be a very hard fix. With that, I know that some are having trouble posting photos and I want anyone who wants entered in PMA Big Buck Contest to be considered. If you are one that can't post photos...
  17. bowman

    Trent downs Countdown!

    My son Trenton wrote his story of his 2015 buck. I am posting for him. In the words of Trenton............................... Starting out my 2015 season, I knew I wanted to get a mature buck. I asked my Dad if I could borrow a trail cam to see if I could find a hit lister to go after...
  18. bowman

    1040 WHO Radio talk on Franz Buck

    I don't know how long it has been going on, but right now (Nov. 17th at 10:35am) there is a talk going on about the Franz buck and the DNR laws. FYI.
  19. bowman

    PMA Big Buck Contest Reminder!

    Some tremendous buck's have fallen to several PMA Members but only a couple have been entered in the contest. REMINDER!!!! If you are a PMA Member enter your buck in the Contest Entry Thread in the PMA Harvest forum. Just post a pic and gross score there. Thanks!
  20. bowman

    2015-2016 Youth Deer Contest!

    Alright, we are excited about this one! We at iowawhitetail.com feel it is vitally important that we get our youth involved in the sport we love. In this day and age we are competing with a very technology based world with instant gratification. We all know that there is no better high than...
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