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    Poaching increased since rifle expansion

    I'm not trying to stir anything up but these new muzzleloaders that guys are head shooting deer at 400 yards are just as capable of removing mature deer from nature as a high power. I know they are legal and have a season but there's really not anything primitive to them. I know a guy that can...
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    Looks like Dale Earnhardt
  3. tracker

    2020 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    I once worked with some older gentlemen that told me if I had a list of things to do and see that I should do them at a younger age when my body could handle it. You can always work to make up for the lost time and if you have connections you can keep alot of your costs down on these adventures...
  4. tracker

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    Sounds like a good mix
  5. tracker

    Antlers in pine trees

    Yes they are eaing my cedar trees as well
  6. tracker

    Cabin osb coverings

    put tarpaper or paint wall black first so you don't see anything behind it if it has bigger gaps where boards go across.
  7. tracker

    Cabin osb coverings

    Here is what my son did behind his great big TV downstairs
  8. tracker

    Antlers in pine trees

    The deer are just shredding the bottom 4' of the pines this year snce all the ther food is buried. I will definately go out of my way this year to check all pine trees for sheds.
  9. tracker

    Cabin osb coverings

    I will get you one from my sons house
  10. tracker

    Fish stocking recommendations.

    If had another chance at a pond it would be perch and walleyes. Get the perch started then introduce the walleys a year after. Everyone in the neighborhood has the typical bass, catfish bluegill pond. They are everywhere and usually acessed by permission
  11. tracker

    Cabin osb coverings

    Since you've already covered he wall wth osb you can use recycled pallets. Tear the apart and piece in
  12. tracker

    Gator Buck’s Reign Ended.....

    Great deer and glad you were able to see him that many years
  13. tracker

    Shot this fella this morning

    Did you get to witness the death moan or was it over too quick? It's actually kind of gruesome
  14. tracker

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    I dont understand why a country with 321 million people only ends up with 2 people for options to vote on to run our country for 4 years. I mean seriously it's time to restructure the system and have more options for the final vote.
  15. tracker

    Team 5. Howdy fellas

    Oh ya, my name is Pat I hunt in SE Iowa I have to warn you I'm pretty picky when it comes to letting it fly on deer, but I will let it fly all morning on the tree rats. Are they worth any points? The last time I CHOSE to take a buck was in 2016 so I think I'm due.
  16. tracker

    Team 5. Howdy fellas

    Bonks that looks like a good supply of AR targets.
  17. tracker

    Oregon Blacktail Deer/Black Bear/?Elk? Combo Hunt Invite October 2020

    Brother if I was 20 again I'd be right with you
  18. tracker


    Wow they did a great job
  19. tracker

    Military... considering retiring in IA

    Some good fishing both open and hard water if you need something else to do when hunting season is closed! Welcome and I also thank you for your service.
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