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Search results

  1. tracker

    Antlers in pine trees

    The deer are just shredding the bottom 4' of the pines this year snce all the ther food is buried. I will definately go out of my way this year to check all pine trees for sheds.
  2. tracker


    They are starting to find some small greys in full sun south facing slopes covered in moss. Hopefully this weather stays warm enough for a bumper crop this year
  3. tracker

    Anyone got ice here in central Iowa?

    I checked my pond yesterday and had 4" but now have 6 inches of snow on top. It's been a crazy winter with us havving to drive 3 hours most of the time to get on hard water. Hopefully we get some good ice to fish out before winters end
  4. tracker

    Ice Fish

    How many of you guys on here ice fish?? I just started a few years ago and really enjoy it!! I try to hit alot of the lakes around me and travel up to Clear Lake, Silver, Rice and Crystal 2 or 3 times a year early when we don't have ice. I thought hunting was expensive. It doesn't take long to...
  5. tracker

    Scout guard cameras

    I have 2 or 3 scout guard cameras laying around. I believe 1 of them works fine, 1 may be slightly malfunctioning and the other for parts. Anyone want them? Free=no strings attached.... Just send me a shipping address and they are yours
  6. tracker

    Old Double Bow Blinds

    I know some guys in the past have sent these in being damaged and had them shipped back repaired. Mine has a couple fairly large chew holes in it from mice and wondered if they could patch the holes if I sent it in? Thanks for any advice.
  7. tracker


    I was up late and saw a show by HECS. I had never heard of them and upon further watching learned they supply a suit. Anybody use one of these electronic blocking suits? Just curious of some results
  8. tracker

    Need Some Ideas

    We are going to try the deep fat frying method of a turkey this Thanksgiving. I am looking for any good ways/ brines or whatever to make this first bird taste good and make the skepticism from a few doubters minimal. So if you have any good tasting ideas I would appreciate the help. Thanks...
  9. tracker

    Cedar Trees

    Those things must be tough. We planted around 200 of them along some bedding areas this year and it looks like 90% of them have survived this hot dry year. I went out expecting the worst
  10. tracker

    2010-2011 Running Doe Count

    I will get it started this year, I have 5
  11. tracker

    Happy Birthday Shovel

    Hope you had a good day!
  12. tracker

    What do you recommend for a wet area

    I have the adjoining neighbor starting to jump on with some food plots. He has an area next to me that can be fairly wet at times. Any ideas on what to put in there? Also does anyone know if turnips are harmful to cattle? Thanks!
  13. tracker

    wildgame innovations 4.0 ir

    I have a friend looking at possibly purchasing one. does anyone have any info on these?
  14. tracker

    Wing Bone experts

    How do you get you calls to the right tone? Do you shorten up any of the bones if it sounds too high and not like an old hen
  15. tracker

    personal messages

    mine don't seem to sending out to people
  16. tracker

    Saturday morning success

    Went out with T$ this morning and got one trying to sneak through. Too bad the other 5 gobblers couldn't get across the fence. Guess where our blind is for tomorrow morning. http://iowawhitetail.com/forum/picture.php?pictureid=969&albumid=124&dl=1241299583&thumb=
  17. tracker

    Strange Theft

    Usually every year I either have a stand or cameras stolen, but this year is different. I went out the other day to check some stands we have on private property and the climbing sticks are gone. The stands are still up in the tree. I don't know why they only took the sticks and left the stands...
  18. tracker

    Feelin' sorry for them

    Man the snow around here is deep. We have been having more and more deer come into the back yard each evening. It was around 20 this evening and also had turkeys in the yard this morning. They continue to clean up the bird feeder area each evening and the corn I have been putting out. I noticed...
  19. tracker

    For those of you that like to guess..

    Does he make it into 160's?
  20. tracker

    How long can you wait?

    I have been doing some reading with the new Peterson's and also reading discussion on the site the last few weeks and have noticed the different length of time some people are willing to wait in order to draw a tag to hunt somewhere and also the length of time some are willing to wait to harvest...
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