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  1. Fishbonker


    The House approved this version of the bill today 56-34. <Final version> Will be sent to the Gov for signature.
  2. Fishbonker


    The above amendment has been replaced by yet another. I'll decipher it and edit this post with the details. First quick read is not good. EDIT: This is my third attempt at an edit. The two finger swipe in the track pad some how dumped the other two. Suffice it to say the NR disabled tags would...
  3. Fishbonker


    This bill had an amendment filled today by the original author. It looks the same to me as the House amendment. The Senate may act on this bill today. <New amendment, same as the old amendment?. Ahhhhhh, Chrome.......
  4. Fishbonker

    HF 2057, taking of nuisance animals

    The bill passed the House, then the Senate amended the bill and sent it back to the House. The House has yet to act on the Senate amendment. This bill is still in limbo. Not that it matters, but I recently had a death in the family. My 5 year old computer died. It's been hell getting over the...
  5. Fishbonker


    Here is the link to the bill as passed by the Senate last year and all of the amendments that were passed along with it in the House yesterday. It is easier to follow than trying to look them up one by one. Item #8 is the one that outlines the late season. The only saving grace (if there is any...
  6. Fishbonker


    Well, SF 581 passed today 97-0. There were amendments to amendments, one amendment was withdrawn and another one or two added. Instead of me trying to figure it all out I'm going to wait and see what it looks like when it is reprinted with the amendments in the bill. Hopefully that will be...
  7. Fishbonker


    Another amendment was filed late last night. I believe this is the one that has been rumored for a while. Amendment 8346 would raise the proposed fine for shooting a doe from the $500 in the original bill to $750. It would raise the proposed $2.00 depredation tag in the original bill to $5.00...
  8. Fishbonker


    Amendments today. H8345 corrects dates from 2021 to 2022 and ads lifetime trout fishing license for disabled vets with stipulations. The amendment also changes the title from "An act relating to deer population management" to " An act relating to fishing and hunting licenses and permits"...
  9. Fishbonker

    Nonresident land owners of Iowa

    Not just you at all. It reminds me of the Friends of Iowa debacle from 2008-2010ish. For those of you who don't remember the Friends group there were some non-resident landowners that formed an association of sorts to try and get the non-resident tag laws passed for both an increase in number...
  10. Fishbonker


    This bill popped up on today's (4/5/22) Daily Debate Calendar in the House. Doesn't mean it will get voted on today but is sure could. I have yet to see the fabled amendment.
  11. Fishbonker

    HSB 609 Hunting turkey with a .410

    This bill is taking wayyyy too much of our (yours and mine) time, but just as a follow up, I called the Office of the Governor yesterday afternoon and left a message asking for clarification on signed/not signed. I just received a call back from whom I assume was an intern, he said the bill has...
  12. Fishbonker

    HSB 609 Hunting turkey with a .410

    No doubt it will be signed, good, bad, or indifferent, but publishing a news article with fake news is just wrong. Sure, it's a done deal but I expect accurate reporting and it appears to be is short supply these days, even for something as seemingly innocuous as a turkey bill.
  13. Fishbonker


    There is an amendment being drafted that would restore the fines for poaching deer, lower the cost of depredation tags and make a .240 the minimum cartridge for late antlerless season. I don't know if this amendment will ever be proposed because it's been rumored for a while. Just thought I'd...
  14. Fishbonker

    HSB 609 Hunting turkey with a .410

    Thanks for the links. Has it been signed yet? I don't think so, but I'm asking some folks who should know. Will it be signed if it gets to her desk? I'd be very surprised if it wasn't. It's just not, in my current opinion, 100% done at this point and I just like to be as accurate as I can be in...
  15. Fishbonker

    HF2560 DNR Appropriations bill, may affect CO's, Park Rangers

    This bill was passed yesterday. There is a section of the bill that calls for a working group to study, well, cutting through the legalese, somebody somewhere wants to transfer state park rangers to the enforcement section of the DNR and all the park rangers would all become COs. I'm not sure...
  16. Fishbonker

    HSB 609 Hunting turkey with a .410

    Well...... I went back in the legislative "Session Daily" section to 3/10 when the bill was passed, and I do not see where the bill has been sent to the gov nor where the gov has signed it. If a bill has been signed by the gov the way the bill displays on the legislative web site changes as well...
  17. Fishbonker

    The second funnel, or the "It should be dead" list

    The second funnel was today, that means all policy bills needed to be through one chamber and through a committee of the other chamber to be alive. The bills that SHOULD dead by rule: HF2410 NRLO tags with requirements for minimum land and other stipulations. HF2365 Late season unfilled bow...
  18. Fishbonker

    SSB 3157 sales tax increase

    I looked through this bill very quickly. Anything over 1 page and I lose interest. Somewhere down in the explanation I read that the local 1% sales tax goes away (sundowns?) so there shouldn't be a gain in taxes but I'm not sure when the local taxes go away. The taxes the local towns lose gets...
  19. Fishbonker


    Just a power play. Or as we used to call it in EMS, an HDPF (Heavy Duty Power F***). This is a Ways and Means bill, a type of bill with which I am woefully unfamiliar. These bills, even though it has everything to do with wildlife conservation and nothing to do with money, except of course the...
  20. Fishbonker

    UTV alternatives …. Mine …

    I forgot that angle. In fact, there is more legislation making its way through the process this year regarding ATVs on roads.
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