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Search results

  1. 2-bucks

    Planting Help

    Does anyone on here have a drill that would be willing to plant a 3.5 acre plot near Letts in the spring for a fee? Or maybe rent the drill if it is small enough for me to pull with my ford 1710 (27hp) ? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can kill and mow the plot.
  2. 2-bucks

    Lightfield 20ga sabots

    Does anyone happen to have some of these they are interested in selling? I have a finicky youth 20ga for my kids that shoots this one well. Not only is any ammo hard to find, but Lightfield quit making them! This gun tends to like the lower velocities but even then not very many of them. I...
  3. 2-bucks

    SHooting Bench Ideas?

    I am getting ready to build a shooting bench. Does anyone have any recommendations? Right now the best I have is plans for the one below. Looks pretty stout and should last a long time of treated periodically.
  4. 2-bucks

    A Few Product Reviews: Magnus, EZ V, "Heavy" Arrows

    I have been meaning to share some of my experiences with these pieces of equipment. I know they have all been discussed a lot on here but thought I would give my take on them. I don't have affiliations with any products. Nor any loyalty to them either. I don't shot competition, I'm just an avid...
  5. 2-bucks

    Electric Bike Rental?

    Does anyone on here have an electric bike they might be interested in renting out? I would be willing to pay a decent fee to use one the first two weeks of September. I am going on an elk hunt in Idaho. Last year I borrowed an older Honda enduro and hauled a couple loads 2-3 miles up to our...
  6. 2-bucks

    2nd Season Success

    Had a friend in from out of state to turkey hunt. We had a great Friday morning. We were on the same farm in different spots. The turkeys were lit up! We heard 15 to 20 gobbling in all directions. I called in a hen and two Tom's. It was a long poke but I had one by 6:45. My friend was...
  7. 2-bucks

    Thoughts on Dicks?

    Just herd Dicks Sporting Goods is dropping all AR style rifles from their stores and will not sell any firearm to anyone under 21. The CEO said this was in part because the recent Florida shooter had purchased a shotgun from a Dicks store. P.S. Sorry about the title... I did not think about it...
  8. 2-bucks

    Vote for Aaron's Deer

    Some of you may remember my post on my son getting a nice buck earlier this year. I have never done anything like this before but I entered it in the Quad City Times Photo Contest. If you are so inclined he would love it if you could vote for his picture. Either of the links below should get...
  9. 2-bucks

    Muzzle Laoder Failures

    Just an FYI in case anyone has one of these and does not know of the potential issues. I have no idea if it really is a manufacturing problem or user error but would want to know about the potential if I owned one...
  10. 2-bucks

    600" season!

    Well almost 600 inches. A few years ago I had a bow season for the ages and took two bucks totaling just under 350". A 181" and a 167". Thought I would never do better. Well fast forward to 2017. I and my two kids were able to take four nice deer this year. Nothing as big as those two...
  11. 2-bucks

    Another youth tag filled

    My daughter was able to fill her youth tag Saturday at 4:30. She had been up for 12 hours and we did not see a deer until 3:30, so she hung in there good. She has taken a couple does and bucks so she now wants a "decent" buck. For her this is a nice two year old or better. Last year she...
  12. 2-bucks

    Productive Week Off

    Well I took my normal week of "rut" vacation last week. The weekend started off real bad with Saturday being mostly a bust. For my first time in 35 years of hunting I drove to my hunting spot WITHOUT MY DANG BOW!!! Back home I went and ended up just sitting in a stand I can walk to from my...
  13. 2-bucks

    Youth Tag Filled in Ealry Muzzy

    Warning...long story! My now 9 year old son was able to take a doe in youth season last year and has been hooked ever since. He was wanting to hunt before that but is even worse now! We hunted 5 times in youth and early muzzy season this year before he got this nice buck 15 minutes before...
  14. 2-bucks

    Maybe a Double

    Had not seen any shooters at my farm in three sits, so I decided to hunt behind my neighbors house to change things up. I have a stand a couple hundred yards off the end of our subdivision that has been a nice honey hole for years. When I head out at 2:00, he is sucking up leaves. Not a huge...
  15. 2-bucks

    Test Photo Post

    Just trying out picture posting. If it works I have a couple harvest threads.Gemsbok 2 by 2-bucks posted Oct 13, 2016 at 5:37 PM
  16. 2-bucks

    Adult tags and youth license?

    I have not asked my CO yet but thought some on here may know this answer. In youth season the accompaning adult must have a valid license and obviously does not need a tag because none exist. Okay, very clear. What about if the youth is using their left over tag in early muzzy? I have read...
  17. 2-bucks

    Good luck

    Good luck and be safe to everyone hunting the shotgun opener and rest of the season. Wear your orange and know what is behind your target. Hope to see more nice harvest pictures.
  18. 2-bucks

    2-bucks from the stand

    out in the sunday pm wind. was debating to go or not, especially cause i dont have a great stand for a se wind and it is howling...but the frequent sound advice from this site...you cant shoot them from the couch...got me out. saw a 2yr old cruising with his nose down on the way in, so the...
  19. 2-bucks

    Mystery Animal

    These are obviously not a good pictures but have had me wondering since I got them in 2012. What the heck is this? A couple people have suggested bobcat or mountain lion. This is in SE Iowa near the Cedar river. While the look of the ear makes me think feline, the camera lens is exactly 39"...
  20. 2-bucks

    Lockers That Won't Mix Meat

    1. Hunters smokehose 2. Buds meats, Riverside 3. ??
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