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    Two fer

    Last year, had a hanging stand 25ft up in a big burr oak. Positioned between 2 foodplots surrounded by bedding, it overlooks a mock scrape to the west and a pinch point we call the “minipond crossing” to the south. Last year, I missed a chance at a Droptine bruiser b/c the stand was positioned...
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    Piebald Doe

    Unique. Would you shoot? [emoji846] Any of you see a piebald’s regularly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2021 Hunting stories

    Thought it might be fun to start a thread for people to post any stories as the year progresses. I’ll kick it off… [emoji846] Sat on entrance/transition to a food plot last night. Saw 10 bucks, three does and a fawn. A perfect east wind at 5mph for the stand. Temps dropping into the 40s. I...
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    Auto aiming bow

    Amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Carbon credits

    Carbon credits were discussed in another thread. New concept to me since we just purchased our farm one year ago. Anyone have experience or research to share on the topic?
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    Beavers — good or bad?

    We have had beavers move in recently. In prior years, we would have trapped them hard during the winter to keep from burrowing into our dams. But, wondered what other habitat-minded folks think of beavers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Experiment: Roller crimper vs. glyphosate

    I’m running a little experiment in our largest food plot... we planted it to corn and beans from PF. Half we sprayed with glyphosate. The other half, we roller crimped. Gonna see if rollercrimping does as well as chemicals for weed control. What experiments/tests are you guys running this...
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    Daughter’s first bird

    My 12yo daughter got her first turkey this morning! I was tied up at meetings last night and we didn't get down here until late. We snuck in at 11pm and set up the blind by the full moon. This morning we slipped in and had one gobbling / roosting within 100 yards of the blind. We saw him come...
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    New Hunters Guide

    Hey Gang, my friend George, has had a podcast for years... The New Hunters Guide. I haven’t missed an episode for the past year—he is sharing good stuff. He just started a YouTube video and shares how he first got started in hunting. Very inspiring. Go check it out... Sent from my iPad using...
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