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Search results

  1. eiowaarcher


    Had old brome field that we turned into CP 25 mix. Mowed and sprayed with gly last fall. No till drill in first week of December. Should I spray with simazine for pre emergent? Thanks for all the great help you guys provide! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. eiowaarcher

    Using Drones

    Someone asked me yesterday if you were allowed to use a drone to recover a wounded/dead deer? Say search a ag field or crp. I didn’t have an answer so I’m asking here. Anyone know for sure? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. eiowaarcher

    Sorting Pictures

    Wondering what you guys are using for sorting/organizing pictures. I use Picasa but was told by a buddy he can’t get it because they don’t make it anymore. Just curious if there is another simple/efficient way to sort pictures as you look through them. I’ve always used Picasa so don’t know what...
  4. eiowaarcher

    Hog Hunting

    I will be heading to Texas in February for my first ever hog hunt. I will take my bow as a primary weapon but will also bring a rifle for back up. My current bow setup is BowTech Reign 7 set at 65lbs and 28.5” draw. I’m shooting Easton Hexx 330. 6mm shaft and 7.9gpi. My broadheads are Wasp Jak...
  5. eiowaarcher

    Seeding Your Lawn

    We have finally completed a backyard remodel and now it’s time to plant grass seed. Am I wasting my time planting seed now? Could I put grass seed and add something that will start to come in? It doesn’t have to be a perfect lawn before snow flies, hoping to have a little something so it’s not...
  6. eiowaarcher

    Mahindra Tractor

    I am selling my 2018 Mahindra 1533 HST. It’s 35hp with 3 range hydrostatic transmission. It has approximately 75 hours on it and will vary because I’m still using it. Attachments include quick attach loader/bucket, box blade with rippers, brush hog, and 3 point disc. All attachments are 6’ wide...
  7. eiowaarcher

    Farm Work

    If anyone in Eastern Iowa is looking for help with food plots or other farm projects I have some basic equipment (chainsaw, 35hp tractor with attachments) and willing to help. Not looking to get rich or take over your farm I just enjoy land improvements. I’m near Maquoketa. Message if you’d like...
  8. eiowaarcher

    Standing Corn

    I am in the process of buying another piece of land but this time with a fair amount of tillable on it. I have my normal plots scheduled but I’m looking to plant a 6 acre field to leave all winter for all critters. Two questions. First, corn or beans or combination of both? Second question...
  9. eiowaarcher

    Spotting Scooe

    I am wanting to sell my Cabelas Instinct Euro HD spotting scope. I bought it new two years ago and haven’t used it hardly at all. Very nice scope. New condition. I have Cabelas case for it and window mount. Scope is $2,399 new. I would like $2,000 for scope, case, and mount. Located in eastern...
  10. eiowaarcher

    South Dakota

    I am heading to South Dakota for work next week and I’m wondering about some hunting. I’ll be heading to Sturgis area. Looking for whitetail, mule, elk, or antelope. Whichever I can get a tag for. Can you buy tags over the counter? Anybody with some info it would be much appreciated. Thanks...
  11. eiowaarcher

    Possible World Record

    Anyone seen this yet? https://www.google.com/amp/www.kare11.com/amp/life/outdoors/tn-hunter-bags-possible-world-record-deer/350857722?client=safari
  12. eiowaarcher


    I bought a new farm and I am wanting to put up some screens to help me get in and out and also block some viewing from the gravel road traffic. What are you guys using for screens to do these things?
  13. eiowaarcher

    Canon VIXIA HF G30

    I am selling my camera set up. I have a Canon VIXIA HF G30. Varizoom controller. Canon DM 100 mic. Manfrotto tripod. Muddy camera arm with Manfrotto head (MVH500AH). And carry case. All bout new last year. Just don't have as much time as if like so thought somebody else could enjoy it. I'm...
  14. eiowaarcher

    1994 Lowe 14'

    I am selling my 1994 Lowe. It is a Big Jon. 14' extra wide and extra deep. It has a year matching trailer and 25hp Mercury motor. Motor runs great. Carpet and paint on boat are very good. Comes with life jackets. Fire extinguisher. Everything you need in the boat. Very few hours on this boat and...
  15. eiowaarcher

    Archery/Gun Shop

    I am wondering if anyone here owns and runs their own archery and/or gun shop. Please PM me if you could. I have a few questions I need some help with. Thanks.
  16. eiowaarcher

    ATV Equipment

    I'm looking to buy a culti-packer and drag I can pull with my ranger. If anybody has one let me know please. Thanks.
  17. eiowaarcher

    Disc VS Tiller

    Which do you prefer? Why? I have seen both but never actually used a tiller. What steps do you guys use to prep your plots? I am about to start my turnips and looking for new ideas or tricks. What will help and what is a waste of time/money? Thanks guys.
  18. eiowaarcher


    What are you guys using for your tractors? How many hp? Front wheel assist? Looking to get one to move snow and use small disc, cultipacker, sprayer. Wondering what a good size is.
  19. eiowaarcher

    New Plot

    I am looking to plant a new plot next year. It will actually be an addition to my current plot. I have three strips of food following the tree line. The three strips are clover, turnips, and rye. The strips are between the timber and the crop field. I am wanting to plant something that can hide...
  20. eiowaarcher

    Water Source

    I am battling lack of water on one of my farms so I need some thoughts or ideas. Do I put out some water tanks? Do I bring in a small backhoe and dig out a little pond 3-4 feet deep and 20-30 feet in diameter? There is a large drainage ditch going through the property. The run off water from the...
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