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Search results

  1. hesseu

    Rx Fire after Hack and Squirt

    Anyone ran a fire through their woods after doing H&S? Just curious what / if any issues they ran into. Getting ready to tackle some TSI, and kicking around the idea of H&S...but, I am planning to run a fire through there next winter / spring.
  2. hesseu

    Morning Chores

    Had some morning chores to get done on Saturday.
  3. hesseu

    Let's talk DIY out of state hunts...

    I know many on here head out of state for hunts throughout the fall. For those of us who have not done this, and do not want to go through an outfitter, can we get some information? Thinking the following will answer most of the questions: 1) Species (I.e. Whitetails, Mulies, Pronghorns, etc)...
  4. hesseu

    Thinking about 2019 season

    I know I know, we haven't even started our 2018 deer seasons (except for all the great habitat work!). However, I am already looking forward to 2019. Reason being, is I now have 4 preference points for Iowa! Yes, I am an OOS'er a few hours south of the Iowa border. Over the past few years, I...
  5. hesseu

    Traveling Through Iowa

    On my way back from a short business trip, I will be traveling through and staying in Iowa next Tuesday. Just curious if there are any recommendations on places to stay from Des Moines east based off food, or sights to see on my way back to southern Missouri. Thanks for the input!
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