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Search results

  1. cybball

    Shotgun Red Dot Sights

    Going to be putting a red dot on my turkey gun/slug gun. It's a Rem 870 12ga. I swap it out (chokes) for slugs or turkey loads. I currently have tru-glow sights (front and rear) and would like to move to a red dot. Any suggestions on sights? I see some are a flat "screen" and some are...
  2. cybball

    Turkey Loads??

    My son shot twice today and missed. We have 4 shells left for his 20g. I am looking online and they are no where to be found. Any thoughts on where I could find a box? Any places getting them in?
  3. cybball

    Son connected!

    My 13 year old finally connected on his first deer ever. Really proud of him. 5 does filtered into my clover plot around 3:30 last Saturday and he made a great shot with his new 20g. Killed a big Tom turkey this past spring too. So much fun. Going back this coming weekend as we both have buck...
  4. cybball

    Rona Buck

    I know, strange name, but there is a solid reason. I had been in a stand twice before, but no luck. I had taken 1/2 day off last Friday to hunt, but the wind was out of the S/SE, which is terrible at my place. I ended up waiting to go until Saturday afternoon, when the wind shifted to being...
  5. cybball

    Snapping Turtles

    Anyone have good ways of getting snapping turtles out of a pond? My pond is brand new. Just stocked. Saw a big turtle in there today. Didn’t have a way of getting him. Any suggestions? Floats? Bank lines? What bait and setup? I’m sure this won’t end, but I’d like to get them...
  6. cybball

    My Son Connects!

    My 13 year old finally got a great bird today. After making more noise than a one man band hauling in the blind, decoys, backpacks, gun and chairs, we finally got set up. Stake on the hen decoy broke and the local cows stopped to lick my jake decoy for quite a while. They finally lost...
  7. cybball

    Cherry Tree and Tubes

    I picked up a couple cherry trees to plant. Can I tube them, or should i just run cages around them like I do apple trees? Wasn't sure how they would do in tubes like my chestnuts/oaks/walnuts.
  8. cybball


    I"m really thankful today that I'm a hunter. I hit Fareway yesterday and all their burger and chicken was gone. I have a freezer full of venison, so I smiled and kept walking. Strange times we are in, and glad I'm able to provide for my family. Stay healthy my friends.
  9. cybball

    Cool Video on Deer Anatomy

    My brother sent me this link. Having hit a buck this year high, I started really researching anatomy and how my arrow entered and didn't kill (crappy shot by me). Not sure if this has been shared before, but it's pretty amazing and thought it could educate some. Also takes away that "no...
  10. cybball

    Ravines and Wind Help

    I've had my place for a year now. Learning every day about deer travels. I have a ravine where bucks are traveling, but the wind down in it sucks. Wind swirls no matter what. The ravine runs down and buts against the road, where they are crossing. Perfect funnel, except for the wind...
  11. cybball

    Gotta Love the Iowa Rut

    Love this time of year. My sister sent me this pic today from driving in Des Moines. I used to do this before owning a truck. Love it. Nice buck too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. cybball

    Shot analysis needed

    So this morning I hit a buck at 15 yards. Made the mistake of holding my 20 pin on center of the lung area, rather than low on him. I hit him high. I was about 18 feet up so there was a down angle. As he took off, the arrow was sticking out and it then broke off about 20 yards from the...
  13. cybball


    Anyone else having a heck of a time figuring out wind from forecasts? I’m currently using ONX Hunt. Said wind this morning straight west. Set up and its east then south east then west. Kinda been like this all season. Hard to plan stands ahead of time. Any suggestions for good...
  14. cybball

    A first!

    Well, I didn’t see any deer tonight but had turks walking around in the timber. Just so happens I had a tag burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve never killed a turkey with my bow, so I put the pin on her and brought her home. I hit her leg squarely and she only went 5 yards. Sent from...
  15. cybball

    Dock Pilings?

    Now that my pond is just about done, I'd like to get some posts/pilings put in for a dock. I've seen guys use telephone poles. That would be awesome, but super heavy to lift and I don't have an excavator to lift them into place. Pond is empty and dry (for a short time) as it's filling...
  16. cybball

    Pond Dam and Surrounding Ground Cover??

    I'm having my small pond cleaned up and dredged. It's cleared and drained now and will be dredged mid summer. I can't plant anything yet, as the pond guy will be back and everything will get torn up again. But, when he is done, what would you plant on the dam and around the pond? I'd like...
  17. cybball

    Atv Spreaders

    Looking for a spreader for my ATV to use for lime, fertilizers and seed. Anything you would recommend? I’ve been looking. Some look like they would tip over easily. Some super cheapo and some way more than I want to spend. Your recommendations and experience would be appreciated...
  18. cybball

    Pond and Plot Thread

    Having bought my first place last fall, I wanted to do a food plot. Place had a little quarter acre pond that was in a cave of trees with huge cottonwoods on the dam. Wanted a spot for the kids and myself to fish. I hired a guy to clear the pond and dredge it out. Phase one was to clear...
  19. cybball

    Respirator Mask?

    Looking for a respirator mask to use when spraying a food plot with herbicide. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. cybball

    ATV trailers

    Looking to possibly get a small utility trailer for my quad. I’ve been hauling it in the bed of my truck, which works, but I then have no room for anything else. I know Lowes and Home Depot has them. Any other good places to look? I want one that has a ramp and rails for tying things...
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