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Search results

  1. Limb Chicken

    Sitka Fanatic Lite (Jacket & Bibs) $400

    Fanatic Lite Jacket and Bibs size L. Used one season. $400
  2. Limb Chicken

    Gear website is here!

    HERE YOU GO GUYS!!!!!!!!! www.iowawhitetailgear.com 1) Ok, I priced this to essentially "break even" or pretty close - put some stuff back into the site to help everyone essentially. 2) DECAL IS FREE WITH ANY ORDER!!!!!!! 3) I did flat rate shipping & handling of $6. If you buy a bunch of...
  3. Limb Chicken

    PSE XForce Premonition, RH, 50-60, Adjustable Draw $275 shipped

    Bought for my son and he never used it and has since got a different bow. This bow is two years old. Has an octane quiver and a trophy taker smackdown rest on it.
  4. Limb Chicken

    Elite-Hunter RH 60/70 29

    $385 plus shipping
  5. Limb Chicken

    Heater Body Suit

    Just don't use it. I've had it for four years and used it three times. Would like $290 plus shipping.
  6. Limb Chicken

    05 Chevy Suburban - $6,900

    $5,900. Time for a new one. This has been a great vehicle. Needs some work though 05 LT Leather Sunroof Two sets of wheels 229,133 miles Runs good but A/c needs repaired. Will try to get pictures up soon
  7. Limb Chicken

    CTrain (horseshoe) scored the third year in a row

    Well I keep telling him that turkey hunting isn't that easy and he keeps shaking his head and saying, "I know Dad". Then he proceeds to shoot said turkey within the next 30 minutes. Every. Stinkin. Year. Loaded the mobil turkey hunting unit the night before so we could just get ready and take...
  8. Limb Chicken

    2001 Ponitac Grand Prix GT - $1,200.00

    I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with 135,000 miles or so on it (I haven't looked lately but that is what I remember). Has minor body blemishes, fan only runs on high and drops a little oil but has been a great car for us. Just sitting in the shop and need to make room. Can get pictures if...
  9. Limb Chicken


    Getting bigger equipment. No need for this anymore... $2,200 or offer. :way:
  10. Limb Chicken

    iowawhitetail Facebook

    We're cranking up the facebook page. Please "like" us! Will be doing daily updates and keeping you up to date on what is going on here! I posted a short clip from last weekends hunt as well. Check us out! :way:
  11. Limb Chicken

    Sleep in I guess...

    So, my son loves to turkey hunt and is ready to go at the drop of a hat. Friday the 12th we stayed fairly late at a friends house and the 13th was the day we were to try to get C-Train a turkey. He shot his first last year and so he is an old pro... :D Here is the video from last year...
  12. Limb Chicken

    Joe Meder Taxidermy and Instruction

    Guys/Gals, Joe is just getting started on facebook. Help him out if you have an account and like his page... Thank you! :way: Joe Meder Taxidermy and Instruction
  13. Limb Chicken

    Gonna start posting guys with two monikers

    Guys come on. If you need two monikers to post under at least let people know what your other handle is.
  14. Limb Chicken

    Big Cese Drops one of the Backdoor Brothers

    My father and I have been turkey hunting together since 1990 when we decided it would be fun to start hunting them. Neither one of us knew what the heck we were doing but out of dumb luck and the Knight and Hale Fighting Purrs we were able to connect on our first bird together. Fast forward...
  15. Limb Chicken

    Head, neck or nothin

    I got neck... Story later... :way:
  16. Limb Chicken

    Double Down for Weasel

    He will do the write up later. Here is the image...
  17. Limb Chicken

    One down, one to go

    Anchored one this morning and made a marginal hit on the second one. :thrwrck: I know, I know it happens but there is no excuse (well there is in the story but really nothing but operator error). bird should have been dead. Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, I will continue. Not knowing...
  18. Limb Chicken

    C-Train drops the hammer (video added)

    Man I am pumped. Story to come later. My boy put the smack down on this old silent gobbler. LoL! He was excited but not real happy he got it done in time to catch the bus to school.
  19. Limb Chicken

    Stacked em up in Nebraska

    Had another great trip to the Cornhusker state. Just can't get over how much I enjoy this trip. Snacky and Weasel shot two before 8:30 and I shot one the same day around 3. Then Weasel ended the trip with his second bird. Had we bought our two tags early we would have had six no problem.
  20. Limb Chicken

    Got a text from a member

    A good one hit the ground this morning. Stay tuned for pics and story.
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