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Search results

  1. skyleralan

    Team Contest

    I'm in as well. Cool idea.
  2. skyleralan

    Early rutting Action????

    Had a 2.5-3yr old buck grunting and chasing a doe...was surprised just how deep his grunt was, almost like a growl.
  3. skyleralan

    Do you guys use buck decoys at this time of year?

    Was thinking tonight was still to early for pre rut activity only to have a 3yr grunt like crazy and chase a doe....at the same time only a 2-3yr old! I would definitely think about starting to call and decoys for sure.
  4. skyleralan

    Snapchat Contacts

  5. skyleralan

    First day success

    Any time you let an arrow fly it was a good hunt!
  6. skyleralan

    BDAHMS hunt log

    I will try that next year.
  7. skyleralan

    BDAHMS hunt log

    What did you do to the ground, just spray and broadcast?
  8. skyleralan

    Good luck

    Same to you, and everyone else.
  9. skyleralan

    Old fashioned field scan time lapse mode

    My favorite move is getting the cam set and then forgetting to turn it on!!!
  10. skyleralan

    Sitka Optifade Forest Fanatic jacket Medium

    I wore it last season maybe 5-8 times. In excellent condition. Text me for photos 712-899-1435. Again, not a single flaw wanting just $220 OBO.
  11. skyleralan

    Tracking deer thru the years

    To me, it seems like bucks at age 3 start to take on unique characteristics with their antlers. For this reason I never keep any trail cam photos of a young deer unless it already has a special rack or other markings. But once they hit that 3-4yr range I feel pretty confident I can identify a...
  12. skyleralan

    QAD HDX clearance issues

    That is awesome, makes you that much more excited for the season when your equipment is dialed in and ready!
  13. skyleralan

    QAD HDX clearance issues

    Yeah I have learned you don't want to take your bow to a big box store. Take it to a real bow shop or someone who knows their stuff.
  14. skyleralan

    20ft Muddy Archer ladderstand & 4 XOP sticks

    Sold. This thread can be closed.
  15. skyleralan

    WTB Muddy Bloodsport Treestand

    Sent you a PM back. Still have it.
  16. skyleralan

    20ft Muddy Archer ladderstand & 4 XOP sticks

    Bump, for thread. Would drive an hour in any direction to help those who aren't super close.
  17. skyleralan

    20ft Muddy Archer ladderstand & 4 XOP sticks

    Still have both. Text is best way to reach me. 712-899-1435. Thanks, Skyler
  18. skyleralan

    20ft Muddy Archer ladderstand & 4 XOP sticks

    Sw Ia. Bedford specifically.
  19. skyleralan

    20ft Muddy Archer ladderstand & 4 XOP sticks

    The 20ft Muddy stand is in great shape was only out for 3 months. Still in great shape I'm just not going to hang it. Comes with all straps etc. Can't find these anymore since Muddy got bought out! $115, text 7128991435 for photos. Xop sticks set of 4, very little use, just don't hang and...
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