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Search results

  1. gundog870

    CVA Accurra

    Man- I would of stuck to the pro hunter
  2. gundog870

    Rafting/moose video

    Does anyone remember a rafting/moose hunt video that was posted on here a while back and floating around the interwebs? I tried to find it for a client the other day and am totally stumped. It was probably 20 minutes and not much if any talking, just incredible scenery and a cool story.
  3. gundog870

    HSB 175 increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

    A lil horse trade
  4. gundog870

    HSB 175 increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

    You should buy a farm
  5. gundog870

    New tractor

    Was going to buy a 3038E, ended up buying a 4044m.... wish I would have bought a 75hp with a cab. Just remember the grass will be greener.
  6. gundog870

    The Pontier Buck

    Legal - sweet buck.
  7. gundog870

    Greetings - New to Iowawhitetail.com

    Thank you for your service!!
  8. gundog870


    No homos or hydrocodones needed to know that we should leave it be.
  9. gundog870


    "CWD has not killed all the cervids out west but there are examples of shrinking herd size with one isolated herd predicted to extinct in 40 years. I don't know what hunters are actually seeing for numbers of cervids out west but I'm sure states are loath to say their populations are going...
  10. gundog870


    I hear ya Bonks. If it truly were for the greater good and I could believe that, then I may stop the broken record. But nothing shows that it works. We should just high fence NEIA. :)
  11. gundog870


    Fair enough - My statement was more in respects to them being public servants, most have the right intentions, work for little pay, and are not out with the intention to be detrimental to our resources. With that said, I don't want to cast a wide net saying that the DNR are a bunch of yucks...
  12. gundog870


    Can someone please explain to me why killing these deer now is better than testing the 100k+ that we kill in season????? I'm 7-8 months you can test as many as you want!!!! Highest respect for the dnr, but got my WTF flag out for this one.
  13. gundog870

    Still deer hunting in yellow river state forest?

    Couldn't be more wrong about it being for the better. Lots of deer will be killed with nothing to gain. CWD has been confirmed in Iowa, what is the point of reconfirming it? Do you need to walk outside to know that the sky is blue? Are you going to be able to change it even if you confirm it...
  14. gundog870

    Hunting Partner

    Have you tried match.com?? Just kidding! Good luck from The North country. I know hunting alone sucks.
  15. gundog870

    First yr cp2

    I got ~40 acres of crp planted last spring and kept it mowed all summer and fall. I had promising signs of big blue, switch, and black eyed susan's throughout the seeding but also had a lot of foxtail. Hopefully keeping it mowed did the trick at getting some established. But what would you...
  16. gundog870

    50-100 Acre Farm Wanted to Buy

    Any interest in a 130 in allamakee?
  17. gundog870

    Mature or not?

  18. gundog870

    Heater body suit

    You are wearing it today????? It's like tshirt weather.
  19. gundog870

    Capping a Deer

    So like a kill shot?
  20. gundog870

    Capping a Deer

    Is capping like skalping?
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