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Search results

  1. sirrloin

    Persimmon Barrier for Black Walnuts

    I ordered a couple dozen late dropping variety apple trees from Century Farms to plant this spring. Very nice company to deal, good pricing and tons of great information. My issue is that I have 3 black walnuts surrounding my food plot area I'd like to plant them in. I know they recommend...
  2. sirrloin

    My first flathead

    Went out last night and put some lines in. All the sunfish were gone but on the last one there was a whopper. My first flathead but he was 10-12 inches between the eyes. Released to get bigger. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. sirrloin

    Late season food plot

    Last year after a busy November things went pretty dead as the deer moved to the surrounding Winterset/river bottom ag fields. Having hundreds of acres of cover and timber in the area didn't do much without grub. So this being the first year to work it I went in and and frost seeded an acre...
  4. sirrloin

    Peach tree problem

    I planted three white peaches this spring that had tons of buds on them. Then a yellow as well a few weeks later. Currently the yellow is doing great but the whites never really kicked into gear, have small leaves and the limbs have started dying back. There was a fluke night where it got well...
  5. sirrloin

    Modern Rifles in Iowa

    https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190322/iowa-house-passes-bill-to-improve-hunting-opportunities Will this pass the Senate? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. sirrloin

    Seasonal creek dam/water supply

    Inquired yesterday with the Warren Water District about getting water run to the property to keep all the new saplings and plots watered this year. For the low cost of 3000 dollars i can get a water meter installed 30ft from the road. So I started looking at other options. I've talked with...
  7. sirrloin

    Investing in equipment

    Next spring I plan on starting a couple food plots on my property. This is my first go around and the warden has me on a budget so I've been exploring my options. My property is on the back side of some large hills with timber facing the middle river. There's some sporadic river rock but...
  8. sirrloin

    October Countdown

    Pulled a couple cards today after spending two hours last weekend trimming back through some multaflora rose to get into a secluded area....wasn't disappointed. Also a nice bachelor group.
  9. sirrloin

    2016 Trail Camera Pics

    I've had my camera out by my stand since early June. A few nice bucks and tons of does but right now I'm hoping this guy sticks around until bow season.
  10. sirrloin

    First dedicated slug gun...

    I'm a little bit of a newbie when it comes to the deer hunting scene. I have a Super Vinci for birds but would like a nice, accurate gun for slugs. I've read a lot with what people have to say but would like to see what some local guys might suggest. So far I've got three off the top of my...
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