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Search results

  1. Hillwalker

    TC omega question

    i have about a 10 year old tc omega. Shoots great. I use 2 pellets 777 and a 250 grain shockwave w/sabot. My question is. Is it normal to have to push very hard on the rod to seed that sabot. I have marked my rod years ago when it was full seeded. Now I have to tap the rod with some thing to get...
  2. Hillwalker

    What to do??

    Still holding State wide tag. Bitterly cold in Western Iowa, 15-20 mph winds. Hunt this evening or watch Hawkeys. Hmmm. Can hunt Sat/Sunday. Little warmer tomorrow. Whats a guy to do.
  3. Hillwalker

    Did i screw up?

    This morning I was set up on inside corner comming off a bunch of thick cedars. I can see across cut bean field about 120 yards or so I see and hear a buck grunting. I t was extremely quite you could hear a leaf drop type quite. I see a shooter tending a doe. very little wind. I grunted and the...
  4. Hillwalker

    Wet nose on mounts

    Just curious if many get the wet nose done on there mounts. I just got this one back this summer and my taxi that did it adds the wet nose and tiny beads/bumps on it. I think it really looks good when he does this for me. Attached is the latest with the turn back style. Don't know if I like the...
  5. Hillwalker

    Total deer harvest

    I see the total harvest is setting at 80500. One more weekend of shotgun and then Late Muzzy. If we hit 90000 is that lower that last year????
  6. Hillwalker

    How are the shot gunners doing?

    I talked to a couple groups of six around Harrison county and they are having a tough time of it. 1 group had one nice buck and the other haven't got any this second season. Not seeing the numbers. Just wondering what everyone else is hearing?
  7. Hillwalker

    11-14-14 harvest

    Got to the stand around 2:00 pm after leaving work early. While sitting in my North stand I could not get the straps to quite down. Had a SE lite wind and you could hear a leaf hit the ground. Every time I shifted my weight the stand would creek really loud, Tried altering the straps and...
  8. Hillwalker

    Off subject

    I know this is deer site. But good opinions on here. Has anyone used the Marcum LX-3TC flasher for ice fishing. I just bought one. Waffled between the FL18 Vex and Marcum. But Vex was $150 buck more. Hope I made the right buy. Will try it out soon.
  9. Hillwalker

    Shotgun bucks

    Come on guys wheres all the pics of the shotgun kills this year??
  10. Hillwalker

    Great Week to Share

    Well i will share. Have been hunting hard in November. Put in probably 15 -20 hunts. Have not seen near the deer that I have in my 25 years of hunting this year. Lots of corn in, EHD, Excessive doe tags etc. We had a trip planned to leave Thursday Morn. as my daughter had a baby on...
  11. Hillwalker

    buck tending

    Caught this buck near the road ditch and took a couple shots of him and then saw the doe he was tending at 1:30 this afternoon.
  12. Hillwalker

    Finally Rut sign

    Finally saw a buck tonight. Grunted in about 130" 10 point but gave him the pass. Will be great in a couple years. He layed his ears back and came in to 8 yards. Then he walked off a 2 large does came in 10 minutes later and I filled my doe tag. Have been out 8 times and tonight was the best...
  13. Hillwalker

    Bobcat pic

    Caught this cat on my 35mm cam. This is a scanned pic from the original. I wish he could have been in the flash better but it isn't to bad. I will try to get a better picture later but it does look like a nice size cat.
  14. Hillwalker

    Moultrie spy cam pics

    Here are a few that I hope make it through for the next year or 2. Taken with my Moultrie spy 100 that Santa Clause brougt me.
  15. Hillwalker

    Triple beard stalk bowkill

    Finally after 2 misses from a blind earlier in the season trying for headshots I finally connected Saturday at 10:15 a.m. After getting wind blown in the blind my son and I thought about heading in the timber for a peak around. We spotted a couple of hens and what we thought was a jake on a...
  16. Hillwalker

    Missed shot from blind.

    Saturday evening my boy and I set up my ameristep blind and I called in a Major Tom to my hen/jake setup. He struted right by my first window and struted hard in front of the jake decoy. He gave me 2 shots at 6 yards. I shot through the netting and missed him clean both times. I could not find...
  17. Hillwalker

    Bow rifle site

    Has anyone ever tried the rifle site that sits in front of your main site. It is suppose to eliminate the need for a peep. I have often had it hard to see in low light or heavily shaded situation to see through my peep. If this rifle site thing works it could solve my problem. I use a trophy...
  18. Hillwalker

    types of slugs

    Question: I shoot a Winchester 1300 W\rifled barrel. I have been shooting Winchester rifled slugs not the high dollar ones but the basic rifled ones. The questions is,is it O.K. to shoot rifled slugs through a rifle barrel or do they counter act with each other. I have been told you should only...
  19. Hillwalker

    Question on shotgun season

    If I go 1st season shotgun can I go with my 12 year old son if I buy him a tag during 2nd season. It would not be a party hunt.
  20. Hillwalker

    Deer with large tumer.

    I just wanted to get some opinions on this. This summer I got several pictures of a small buck with a large softball sized syst or tumer on his chest between his front legs. Well last weekend he came within 15 yards of me while hunting that area. Now the tumer is about the size of a basketball...
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