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  1. Cornfed

    Youth Hunting Requirements ????

    Ok so let's make sure I understand what is being said..... as long as she hunts with me and I have all the necessary licenses ie. hunting license, habitat fee, small game license..... she does NOT have to buy a license... but DOES have to have turkey tags..... Do I have to have a turkey...
  2. Cornfed

    Youth Hunting Requirements ????

    I am trusting you guys can help with my confusion. My daughter age 12, will turn 13 on April 11th is really wanting to turkey hunt this year. Actually wanted to hunt last year and we were unable to attend the Hunters Safety courses offered in our area and she was very disappointed. I was...
  3. Cornfed

    Brushy creek lake update

    Can anyone give me an update on current lake conditions? Thinking of making a trip up that way early next week (1st week of June)..... Water temps, clarity, etc..... Any current update you can provide would be greatly appreciated :way:
  4. Cornfed

    1st Buck with a Recurve bow

    Congratulations on a great buck !..... Hunted many years with recurve bow.... takes a lot of time and effort, but very rewarding.... :way:
  5. Cornfed

    Accura V2 Shooters

    The blackhorn breech... Did not try the factory breech with this powder... Heard too many complaints... I love this gun and powder combination ... It is a tack driver .... Mine holds a two inch group at 200 yds using 100 grains (volume) of blackhorn & Winchester 209 blue box primers... Shooting...
  6. Cornfed

    I phone hunting apps

    Anyone have any useful Iphone hunting apps that they highly recommend? :way:
  7. Cornfed

    whats wrong with people

    Unfortunately thieves and crooks hunt also.... :mad:...... it is a sick feeling to detect intruders on your ground. If you don't live really close to your ground or have someone watching over it for you, it is almost impossible to stop this sort of thing..... hope you get a lead on who the...
  8. Cornfed

    Cable TV?

    Hey Matt,.... I know what you are saying..... I cut our dish network channel subscription total back a few months ago to save about $25 a month. We watch little TV but do enjoy a few shows. You can get HD with a few local stations.... we have one smaller HD TV in the house that we only have...
  9. Cornfed

    Best load for CVA Accura V2

    I got my CVA Accura V2 this summer and decided on the Blackhorn 209 at 100 grains with the Hornady SST 250 grain bullet. Opted to sight my gun in at dead-on at 100 yards. This gives me a 5" drop at 150 yards and 11" at 200 yards. I would not personally shoot over 200 yards so this allows me...
  10. Cornfed

    Big Rub = Big Buck

    Great picture.... Thanks for sharing.. :way:
  11. Cornfed

    Broadhead Switch

    Wasp Hammer SST (fixed 3 blade head) USED to be the best kept secret.... could get a 6 pack for around $30... tough as nails and very similar in design to Muzzy heads but better in my opinion. They just recently changed their packaging from a 6 pack down to a 3 pack for the SAME price..... I...
  12. Cornfed

    2011/12 Iowawhitetail running doe count

    Three for the season.... equals 172
  13. Cornfed

    Montana Extreme BH209 Oil

    I am using the products sold by Russell Lynch over at maxmuzzleloading.com ..... Max Dead On cleaner and conditioner. Have been very happy with it so far.... seems to work great with BH209 :way:
  14. Cornfed

    Blackhorn 209 vs. Triple 7

    I also tried the Federal 209M primers.... suppose to be the hottest available.... lots of blowback with them..... blackhorn needs a shotgun specific primer to consistently ignite..... with the Accura V2 the Winchester W209 seems to be the ticket.... :way:
  15. Cornfed

    Blackhorn 209 vs. Triple 7

    Since my initial post on this I decided on BH209. I took the opportunity a couple months ago to spend a couple days on the local gun range shooting the powder and was very impressed. Let me also mention that I am shooting a special breech plug made by CVA for this powder in their Accura V2...
  16. Cornfed

    aerosol scent eliminator

    Depends on the scent you are trying to eliminate.... I will agree that it is virtually impossible to eliminate airborne scent dispersion.... however, I know for a fact I can eliminate my ground scent. I religiously spray my rubber boots and my outer clothing from the waist down with H.S...
  17. Cornfed

    To all IWT VETS

    Totally agree..... Thank you :way:
  18. Cornfed

    2 boys 2 shots 2 bucks

    Great looking bucks, guys.... Congratulations! :way:
  19. Cornfed

    Trenton Takes Down Curly!(Story Added)

    The smile says it all..... Congratulations to Trenton ! :way:
  20. Cornfed

    Blackhorn 209 vs. Triple 7

    I am familiar from reading reviews, etc. with all the above mentioned points... however, can you explain #2 further..... I have been told that BH209 has much less fouling, and thus is much easier to clean, but like you mentioned gun solvent is needed NOT water....
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