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Search results

  1. Cornfed

    Youth Hunting Requirements ????

    I am trusting you guys can help with my confusion. My daughter age 12, will turn 13 on April 11th is really wanting to turkey hunt this year. Actually wanted to hunt last year and we were unable to attend the Hunters Safety courses offered in our area and she was very disappointed. I was...
  2. Cornfed

    Brushy creek lake update

    Can anyone give me an update on current lake conditions? Thinking of making a trip up that way early next week (1st week of June)..... Water temps, clarity, etc..... Any current update you can provide would be greatly appreciated :way:
  3. Cornfed

    I phone hunting apps

    Anyone have any useful Iphone hunting apps that they highly recommend? :way:
  4. Cornfed

    Blackhorn 209 vs. Triple 7

    I am not wanting to start a "Chevy vs. Ford" post here... just looking for serious experience good or bad in foul weather with these powders. I am wanting to try Blackhorn 209 in my new inline muzzleloader this year... but I am concerned how this or any other powder performs in wet weather. I...
  5. Cornfed

    Scoutguard 550 problems

    I know several of you have experience with this model of camera.... I need some advise. Having trouble consistently getting pictures with these. Bought several cameras a few months ago and not getting many pictures at all. The other brand cameras we are using we are getting a bunch of photos...
  6. Cornfed

    Brushy creek bass fishing

    Anyone been there lately? I went there for the first time in the spring and had a blast..... hoping to take an all day trip up there early next week. Just wondering the water conditions and what to expect..... :way:
  7. Cornfed

    Vortex optics ?

    Does anyone have any field experience with Vortex optics? Especially their line of scopes.... seriously considering a Vortex Diamondback for a muzzleloader scope. You CAN'T beat their warranty.... all the reviews I have read online have been very positive. Hoping to get some last minute...
  8. Cornfed

    Uway nx50

    Anyone happen to have one of these trailcams? I just purchased one of them and a Scoutguard 550.... couldn't decide between the two so I purchased them both..... probably will pick up another one of whichever one I like the best in about a month. The folks at HCO Outdoors seem to really be...
  9. Cornfed

    Scoutguard 550 trailcam dealers ???

    A buddy and I are looking to purchase six Scoutguard 550 trailcams. Anyone have any recommendations on where to get a great price and service? Recommended dealers... etc....
  10. Cornfed

    Scout Guard SG550

    I am looking to get a new trail cam this year... been using a homebrew camera for several years with good results, but would like to try taking some short video clips with infrared. It is exhausting trying to weed through all the information on chasinggame.com. I am wanting to spend around...
  11. Cornfed

    Thompson Center ProHunter Muzzleloader ?

    Anyone have one of the newer ProHunter stainless muzzleloaders? .... I used to hunt a few years back with an old style percussion cap hawken style muzzleloader.... put the gun down for several years and have bowhunted only.... thinking pretty serious about getting back into muzzleloading for...
  12. Cornfed

    Northeast Iowa Snow report???

    Can anyone give me an update on amount of snow remaining in timbered areas in Northeast Iowa? I am hoping to pull some stands and do some shed hunting on Monday in Clayton County.... Any update on what to expect is appreciated... :way:
  13. Cornfed

    Brushy creek lake

    Is anyone familiar with this lake? I have never been there but a buddy and I would like to try a fishing trip or two there this spring. We fish almost exclusively topwater for largemouth bass. I am wondering any recommendations for the time in the spring to try this lake and general locations...
  14. Cornfed

    Aluminum bassboats

    I am looking to likely purchase an aluminum bassboat this spring. I currently have a 18' fiberglass Fish and Ski boat with a 150hp Mercury outboard that is just too big a boat for the type of fishing I like to do. Does anyone have any experience with Lowe or Tracker boats? I really like the...
  15. Cornfed

    Blazer Helix Fletching Jig

    Anyone have one of these or know someone who does? .... Any reviews on this? ..... does it do a good job of putting helical twist on the blazer fletch as advertised? Anything you do not like about the jig?
  16. Cornfed

    Braided fishing line.. Sufix vs. Powerpro

    Hey Guys, Anyone have experience with either or both of these braided fishing lines? I have been having a blast fishing all summer and have been using the Powerpro 20lb test in Moss green and overall really like it. I have also used some Berkley Crystal Fuse line 6lb. I am needing to get...
  17. Cornfed

    White Bass Lures?

    Anyone have a favorite white bass lure they want to share? I have managed to come on to a few schools of white bass lately while fishing. Seems as if some guys can really slaughter them.... I have only managed to pick up 3-4 at a time. Any lure advise or tricks would be appreciated !
  18. Cornfed

    HUGE Carp

    I just saw this morning that the state record was broken for carp. I forget the species listed... it is on this mornings KCRG online news website. I don't know how to post the link here.... the monster weighed 79 lbs. and was shot with a bow. It was shot near Cedar Rapids in the Cedar...
  19. Cornfed

    Coralville Lake

    I fished this lake for the first time ever last evening... only was able to fish it for a couple hours from a boat. Only managed to catch a couple white bass. The water was pretty significantly stained, which I hear is typical for this lake due to the high boating traffic. But I have also...
  20. Cornfed

    Cornfed's Gobbler 05/11/09

    Monday morning was as pretty a day as one could ask for in the spring woods. Very calm, cool with a beautiful sunrise. The gobblers were vocal and I managed to get on a nice tom early before sunrise. He worked into my setup approx. 30 minutes after fly down but would not come closer than 75...
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