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  1. mplane72


    Anybody have any suggestions on where to find a good pup. Established breeders/kennell suggestions welcome but most of them I think I have found on the interweb. Info on who to avoid is also valuable. If anyone happens to knows of an individual that occasionally breeds their dog and might be...
  2. mplane72

    What's your BH 209 load?

    Not finding what I'm looking for with search function. Making the switch to BH 209. A little late to the party but it took me a while to come around to shooting my Accura V1 with a modified plug. Playing with loads to see what my gun likes but curious to see what others are using. If you take...
  3. mplane72

    Badlands 2200 Pack

    Badlands 2200 pack for sale. Lightly used. No rips, stains. All Zippers and buckles work. Includes water bladder designed to fit. Asking 180 TYD. Let me know if interested and I'll get you picks. Edit. Also listed on other forums.
  4. mplane72

    11/9 Buck, a long story pic heavy as usual

    I always enjoy seeing everyone's success so now that I'm back at work I will share my story. Since I'm at work now I will make it long and detailed. After seeing really good movement Thursday hope's were high for Friday morning especially with the snow. Things started out surprisingly slow...
  5. mplane72

    NRA after IDNR

    https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180509/iowa-vote-to-be-held-tomorrow-on-arbitrarily-restricting-hunting-firearms A little late as it looks like vote happens this AM. I don't really like the NRA getting involved in this issue. What say you?
  6. mplane72

    Tulip Sniffer Buck

    I unexpectedly filled my statewide tag on the 4th. It was my first day of vacation and I had planned on heading down south for the week on Monday. It looked like a long week of side jobs, honey does and raking leaves but fortunately I had a city buck tag to fall back on. I usually don't spend...
  7. mplane72

    Crazy Encounter and First buck in 4 years.

    I'm sure this will end up being a long post. My apologies. Pics down the page. I was really excited for this weekend and upcoming vacation. I have been seeing more deer and more bucks in daylight this year then anytime before. Really have been loving the cooler weather. I started off...
  8. mplane72

    Jacob's First Deer

    The plan was to hunt last weekend with both my boys but the older one getting called up to wrestle a tournament Saturday and the younger one needing to help out his soccer team we didn't make it and i thought we'd wait until 2nd season or late muzzy to get Jacob out to try and fill his youth...
  9. mplane72

    Son's First Buck: Yes it might be a little long:)

    It's been a couple years since Max has killed a deer. School and extra curricular commitments make getting out for youth season hard and realizing shotgun hunting has been his best chance at getting a buck Max has passed up multiple opportunities at does holding out for a buck. It finally paid...
  10. mplane72

    Your Public Land Experience?

    Sitting here on a slow day at work doing some online public land scouting. I'm planning on expanding my hunting to some other areas of the state and doing some public land hunting this year. I'm just tired of my places, the smaller, over hunted wood lots or flat river bottoms. I'm just...
  11. mplane72

    First Sit. Finally got one.!

    The city season opened up this past weekend and I time allowed me to get out Sunday evening. No deer but I am happy to finally say I got a coyote with a bow. It should actually have been two but the first one made an unexpected move after I was drawn and my bow ended up over my knee as I was...
  12. mplane72

    Screwed over in the Davenport City Hunt

    A little rant and a heads up for others that may find themselves in the same boat. I've been participating in this hunt for about 5 years now. Last year the flyer the city put out stated a hunter had to shoot and register 2 does to earn their buck tag for the following season. That is a...
  13. mplane72

    Morels this weekend?

    I don't look for them often and don't know a lot about how late into the year they grow or what conditions put an end to the season. A rare weekend without any baseball is going to let the whole family get down to VB county for a camping trip and I'm just wondering if a shroom hunt would be...
  14. mplane72

    Willie Suchy on IPR right now

    FYI. He's on right now. Nothing new discussed yet. That's KUNI Iowa Public Radio
  15. mplane72

    Card reader for Driod phones

    Just thought I would share this. I ordered this http://www.ebay.com/itm/350958764809#ht_572wt_882 $3.48 plus free shipping. Works on my Galaxy S3, should work on my new S4 as well. As far as performance I think it would be a PITA if you wanted to check a summer time card with a lot of...
  16. mplane72

    Email from Loebsack / Tax credit for game donation

    Just got this…. Dear Friend, It’s no secret that two things that make many of us who we are as Iowans are our passion for hunting and generosity to giving to those in need. That’s why I wanted to share with you that recently I became an original cosponsor of H.R. 3728, the Wild Game Donation...
  17. mplane72

    CCW Online?

    Anyone taken an online class to get your CCW? How'd it go? What are your thoughts? Thanks?
  18. mplane72

    anyone hunting this cold front?

    Just wondering if anyone has been seeing any increased movement since this front blew in. Thanks?
  19. mplane72

    Son's First Deer!

    Last evening my son Max got his first deer. It has not been easy getting him out with fall baseball, Scouts, Mock Trial other school events going on. It was quite an experience and he could not have handled himself any better. We spotted the deer just as she came out into the Alfalfa and...
  20. mplane72

    Blind location question?

    Ok. First year trying to fill my tag with a bow. I almost did it this past weekend but the bird hung up at 20 and I forgot to take the triangular window of the blind into account and clipped the edge of the window with a blade at the shot. Anyway, I have read over and over that turkeys don't...
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