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Search results

  1. AZHunter

    Youth Turkey Vest and Youth Upland Bird Vest

    My kids have outgrown all of their youth stuff now. Time to find a good home for another youth. Both youth XL and in excellent condition. $20 each. In Flagstaff, AZ and will ship at buyer's cost. NWTF JAKES turkey vest Upland Bird Vest
  2. AZHunter

    Texas Rio Gobbler

    I just realized I haven't been on here in a long time and I finally got my Texas Rio on my 3rd spring trip to TX. A good buddy and I took off to Texas chasing turkeys April 6-9. This journey started a little over a year ago. I was chatting with a guy that served with dad in Vietnam about his...
  3. AZHunter

    2021 NWTF 31- Day Gun Raffle

    Its time for our annual 31-Day Gun Raffle. All proceeds stay in Arizona to be used by NWTF for habitat conservation, youth hunt camps, disabled hunters programs, scholarships, hunter education, etc. We had our tickets sent out late to us this year. The early bird deadline is November 10th...
  4. AZHunter

    Gear Clean Out

    Been a long time since I've been on here, but its been good interacting with my home roots again. I've been cleaning out more gear that hasn't been used in a while and won't be used in the near future. Might as well offer it up to someone who can use it. The Wyoming Saw is the only thing used...
  5. AZHunter

    Jacob's First Turkey

    Again, getting caught up after a long hiatus here. Story of my son's first bird from this past April. We spent opening weekend in and out of toms. My daughter should have been done at 6am Friday morning, but her dad, a supposed turkey hunting veteran, made a rookie (ie, excited dad) mistake...
  6. AZHunter

    Son's Second Coues Buck

    I realized I haven't been on here in a long time, especially when I saw everything has changed. Lots going on in our hunting fishing world during COVID-times. A month ago, I took my son on his third youth deer hunt. He harvested his second Coues buck and is showing no interest in mule deer...
  7. AZHunter

    A Garand Javelina Hunt

    My 12-year old son has been fortunate enough to get two javelina in the last two years on opening weekend. His first year, he used his 7mm-08 and that hunt was filmed by The Mountain Project. Last year, he used my AR. After two successful pig hunts using modern rifles and quality optics, he...
  8. AZHunter

    My First Mule Deer: An Oops Story

    Back when I found out I got drawn for the 12BW late hunt, a buddy of mine, who was going to help me, got drawn for the same hunt. I didn't want to put either of us in a situation of having to decide who got to shoot first, so I reached out to a dear friend who used to guide in that area, before...
  9. AZHunter

    Son's First Deer: A Coues Buck!

    This last weekend was my son's second youth tag in SE Arizona in two years. Last year was a 34A tag and he fell in love with chasing Coues whitetail. He opted for 35A this year because a good friend of ours who took us out last year knows 35A much better and Jacob really likes our friend...
  10. AZHunter

    Daughter's Grand Canyon Trip

    Our 15 year old daughter is going on a 10-day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon this summer through Grand Canyon Youth. Its a great program that exposes kids to the outdoors in various aspects, including conservation of ecosystems and is a science immersion program. One of the requirements for...
  11. AZHunter

    Another Javelina Tag Filled!

    Ever since his first hunt was filmed for The Mountain Project last year, Jacob has been excited to get back out javelina hunting. Due to circumstances out of our control, hunting with our friends at The Mountain Project were out. Another good buddy of mine reached out and offered to take us to...
  12. AZHunter

    Jacob's Black Belt Journey: Request

    Our son, Jacob, who turns 11 next month, started his year-long journey to get his black belt through our TaeKwanDo studio this past Wednesday. He's currently a blue w/red stripe. In February, he'll test for his red belt. In June, he'll test for his red w/black stripe, and next October, he'll...
  13. AZHunter

    Women's Tenzing Pack

    After this year's deer hunt, my daughter decided she really doesn't like the way her pack fits her. Its a Tenzing TZ 1215 women's pack (discontinued) and it its in great shape. Its only been in the field a handful of times, has never been loaded heavy, and never had blood on it. It comes with...
  14. AZHunter

    Bushnell Rangefinder and Vortex Scope

    After the kids' youth hunts a couple of weekends ago, its time to upgrade some equipment. Wife told me I have to sell the stuff I'm replacing rather than rehoming them to my kids or other rifles! Will ship from AZ, but buyer pays shipping. Vortex Diamondback 3.5-10x50 w/ V-plex reticle...
  15. AZHunter

    San Juan River Fly Fishing Trip

    My son and I took off this past weekend for a father-son fly fishing trip to the San Juan River in NE New Mexico while my wife and daughter were on a girls trip. I haven't been to the San Juan in 11 years and its always been bugging me to go back, especially to get my family really into fly...
  16. AZHunter

    Arizona Governor's Turkey Tag Raffle

    Its that time of year again. We have our deck of cards for the annual Governor's Tag Raffle. Cards are $20 each and first prize is a Governor's Turkey Tag, valid in any open unit in Arizona for 365 days starting mid-August. This includes both the Goulds units and the Rio units, in addition to...
  17. AZHunter

    Jacob's Javelina Hunting Video

    I've been waiting for this video since the end of January and it was definitely worth the wait! A friend of ours from The Mountain Project offered to help us on Jacob's first big game hunt, a youth javelina hunt. During planning, Brittany asked me if she could film it as part of their hunting...
  18. AZHunter

    Jacob's First Big Game Tag: Javelina Down!

    This past Friday was an amazingly awesome day! Our son, Jacob, filled his javelina tag at 1050 this morning at 62 yards and no tracking required. He did great on the hike up the hill, keeping quiet and never complaining. He was calm under pressure, and, after a spine shot first, he made a great...
  19. AZHunter

    Abaco Island Bahamas (Pt 2)

    On our third day on Abaco, we lounged on the beach; nothing exciting, but pure relaxation. On our fourth day, we did a mixed-bag trip that included bottom fishing, visiting the famous swimming pigs, and going to a cove where you could swim with, and feed, stingrays. Today is just pics of the...
  20. AZHunter

    Abaco Island Bahamas (pt 1)

    The week before Christmas, we took a family vacation to Abaco Island in the Bahamas. We stayed at Treasure Cay and it was amazing. Of course, a trip to Abaco isn't complete without a bonefish fishing trip. It's the bonefish capital of the world, after all. The Marls is absolutely amazing. Jacob...
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