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Search results

  1. 4 Buck

    Tapatalk fixed!!!!!

    Thanks for working out all the issues, seems to be working for me now.
  2. 4 Buck

    9’ 3 point disk

    Location of the disk?
  3. 4 Buck

    Land owner tags

    From your scenario they aren't out anything. Johnny bought 2 tags. A statewide which is $33 and a $2 LOT tag. It doesn't state in the regs that you have to buy 2 statewide tags every year I buy a lot of tags every year, some get filled, some don't. So if I don't fill them, do I get my...
  4. 4 Buck

    Land owner tags

    Can you elaborate on the financial hit? Does the revenue from LOT tags go to a different fund or same as over the counter?
  5. 4 Buck

    Land owner tags

    Curious to see why you wouldn't support this bill? Anything that gets me or my family outdoors doing what we love, on our own ground.....im all for it.
  6. 4 Buck

    Land owner tags

    The way it's worded, I can't imagine it won't pass. I'm in favor of it :)
  7. 4 Buck

    Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

    What's the best way to get a hold of him? Feel like I'm stalking the guy. Left voicemail on cell and school phone and left him a fb message. No reply....
  8. 4 Buck

    Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

    I'll be getting ahold of him! Appreciate it
  9. 4 Buck


    You been out?
  10. 4 Buck

    Little DIY project

    Who was the taxidermist?
  11. 4 Buck

    Need a place to stay?

    Any pics?
  12. 4 Buck

    John Deere 8300 Drill

    What county is this thing in?
  13. 4 Buck

    Post your kill...

    Thank you, sir. This deer was taken a good 3 hours southwest ;)
  14. 4 Buck

    Post your kill...

  15. 4 Buck

    Rye mix question

    I always go for the cheapest bean you can get. In a plot I've never had them reach 6" They eat them like candy
  16. 4 Buck

    River Crossing, what do you use?

    Walking that far, you are better off taking a bar of soap and stopping in the creek for a bit. I would try and pursued the landowner to use a bike or something. Bribe him with some meat or chores
  17. 4 Buck


    Can't beat that. Your last two sentences are spot on
  18. 4 Buck

    Good hunting areas “come & go” & some interesting IA #’s & facts...

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It's been awhile. Checking in to make sure Skip is behaving
  19. 4 Buck

    Missouri Expands CWD Zone Feeding/Mineral Ban....

    Looks like your farm is included? I agree, let nature take its course
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