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Search results

  1. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Didn’t walk today, had a busy day working trying to get everything set for tonight. However, I did get applied for most of the states I’m wanting to try to get Primo tags in. Ended up applying for... Oregon - Roosevelt Elk (Bull), Columbian Blacktail Deer (Buck/Doe), Mountain Goat, and Bighorn...
  2. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    My numbers will skyrocket in May when I’m in Wyoming for 17 days. 5.6 today with nothing but boot tracks! Miles: 31.9 Sheds: 3/200 Dead Heads: 2 Found a neat Dodge rotting away in a ditch.
  3. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    7.3 Miles today! Found lots of dead deer, but, no sheds! The Conservation Officer gave me a permit for the dead head I found. Total Miles: 26.3 (Hey! A little over a Marathon!) Sheds: 3/200 Goal Dead Heads: 2
  4. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Another 2.6 Miles with another 4pt side found! Total Miles: 19 Sheds: 3 (200 Shed Antler Goal) Dead Heads: 1
  5. TeenageHunter

    New Mexico NR Elk hunting......anyone have experience or knowledge

    New Mexico is a random draw state, you might not have to wait a lifetime to get a tag of a lifetime...just be lucky.
  6. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Another 3 miles with nothin' out of it other than a beautiful day. Total Miles: 16.4 Sheds: 2 Dead Heads: 1
  7. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Add another 7 more miles and one shed... Total Miles: 13.4 Sheds: 2 Dead Heads: 1
  8. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    After careful consideration, I've taken a job with Alaska Trophy Adventures and will be packing for them this spring/fall and guiding again in Colorado after. I'll be packing for Brown Bear/Grizzly and Black Bear this spring (baiting) and then this fall I'll start in August packing for Dall...
  9. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Yesterday was an eventful day! We ended up catching a button buck in a "Clover" trap which is used in the wildlife industry to capture deer and sometimes elk. Put a GPS collar unit on him, gave him an ear tag, gathered hair for genetic testing, and an "Ear punch" which is a small skin sample...
  10. TeenageHunter

    Mexico Whitetail

    Congrats! That thing is a MONSTER!
  11. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    It's been a blast! You get the same rush when you're "catch and releasing" as you do hunting them.
  12. TeenageHunter

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Everyone, it's 2021 and I'm still "enjoying it while it lasts" ;) It's been a busy 2021 so far with planning my fall out and figuring out another job to extend into guide season. My outfitter in Colorado that I've worked with for two seasons wants me back again for 2021 to guide Bear, Elk, and...
  13. TeenageHunter

    2020 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    In Sam's (sep0667) own words: "I met another Iowawhitetailer and we carpooled out together. As we got further west and started seeing pronghorns the anticipation was building. When we rolled into camp all the guys that were already there were out hunting, but we saw the cleaned skulls that a...
  14. TeenageHunter

    2020 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    After what seems like an eternity hunting season is starting to slow down and come to a close. One of my most successful years yet is almost behind me. For some people 2020 will be remembered as a year of dread and awfulness I'll be able to reminisce back to the "good times". Laughing until I...
  15. TeenageHunter

    20-21 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    73 4/8 Coues Deer with the Rifle in Arizona. 131 4/8” points according to your scoring methods. I don’t have the score sheet and my buck is in Arizona at the Taxidermist now you trust me...right? If not I can add up my CASCADE Blacktail which probably scores less than my Doe from Iowa that I...
  16. TeenageHunter

    Any access issues - let me know...

    I’m in. No prob!!!
  17. TeenageHunter

    Alaska Sitka Blacktail

    Is anyone interesting in going to Alaska? DIY hunting for Blacktail and can shoot up to three bucks, hunt ducks, and fish. Duck species below... Pacific Common Eider Black, Surf, White Wing Scoters Harlequin Long-tailed (Oldsquaw) Barrows Goldeneye YOU HAVE TO BE IN SHAPE we're gonna go...
  18. TeenageHunter

    2020/2021 Teams?

    This will be my last season as an Iowa resident, who needs a partner? :)
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