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  1. BearCreek


    My vote is not to mix clover with alfalfa, certainly can, but clover likes to out-compete alfalfa over time, at least white clover. I fall seeded my alfalfa without a nurse crop but did blend with chicory. Very happy with results. Alfalfa has its own allelopathic properties so I wouldn't be...
  2. BearCreek

    Timber stand bedding

    I prioritize my trees as follows (My property is in west central Illinois and timber value really isn't a consideration for me.) High value to Low value: White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Persimmon, Pin Oak, Mulberry, Red Oak, Black Oak, Cherry, Shingle Oak, Hedge, Sycamore, Elm, Hickory...
  3. BearCreek

    Mulberry Trees

    Underrated tree IMO when you factor in browse preference, growth rate, and the fact that they also produce fruit. I dislike that most of what we typically get is the non-native version, but on my farm they are heavily browsed. Their fruit is incredibly attractive to turkey and other species as...
  4. BearCreek

    Oak tree identification

    Bottom right appears to be a bur oak, but could be a swamp white. Sometimes the lower leaves look a lot different than mature upper leaves, but the deep lobes scream "bur." Other two are either red or black imo.
  5. BearCreek

    Double cropping food plots

    My tenant farmer plants me one acre of either soybeans or corn each year which I leave "standing" for the hunting season. I like to overseed this area with all my leftover seed that won't have a detrimental effect on the following year's crop. I tend to avoid cereal rye going into beans that...
  6. BearCreek


    I planted my brassicas the last weekend of August in 2021 and they turned out great, will do so again this year. My blend consists mostly of varieties that have 60 day maturity dates. Plants like pasja hybrid and t-raptor grow extremely fast. However, deer on my place seem to favor radish (which...
  7. BearCreek

    Black locust removal

    You are on the right track. Have to you use herbicide with black locust. Be careful with translocation to nearby "good" trees if using something like Tordon. I have used the Craig Harper cocktail with good results and no translocation. Right now is actually a great time to foliar spray your...
  8. BearCreek


    My Experience with Alfalfa (Comprehensive) I think I'm in a position to answer my own question at this point (I don't mind talking to myself as it is). I planted equal parts multi-leaf and grazer varieties of alfalfa from Welters, per Welters recommendation for food plot purposes, on August 28...
  9. BearCreek

    BearCreek Habitat Plan

    With fall food plotting on the horizon I thought it might be a nice time for an update and some quick takeaways. Stand Work and Strategic Placement I try to hang stands in the off season but never seem to get around to it. I have a couple stands that are in such ideal locations that I don't...
  10. BearCreek


    Always a difficult decision on when to plant. I'm in the Bassattackr camp. Plant by date and hope for rain and good weather. Sometimes the worst scenario is an immediate rain on previously dry soil that allows the seed to germinate followed by hot and dry conditions. I typically follow the...
  11. BearCreek


    I frost seeded a blend of Renovation, Stamina, Aberlasting, Jumbo Ladino, and Alice White this spring. I'm very happy thus far.
  12. BearCreek

    ATV sprayer

    I bought a 25 gallon from sprayer specialties, still going strong and I am hard on it. I highly recommend them. I think I bought mine for less than $500.00 a few years back but that was without shipping, I believe they have locations in Illinois and Iowa and possibly Kansas. I have a three...
  13. BearCreek


    Mowing Wondering when you alfalfa growers mow your alfalfa plots? I was hoping to let mine flower for pollinator purposes but maybe I shouldn't let it get that tall since I'm using a "regular type" of mower. The weevils seem to be doing quite a bit of the mowing for me currently.
  14. BearCreek

    BearCreek Habitat Plan

    I like to spray my perennial plots this time of year for grasses. I hit them with clethodim, 8-16 ounces per acre with non-ionic surfactant and AMS. There is some information out there that suggests AMS and regular crop oil might be hard on clover, so I use about 60% rate on AMS, probably not...
  15. BearCreek


    Need some details on that 150' bridge. I have a 60 foot span I would love to cross on foot. The creek it spans often jumps its banks and would destroy anything to close to surface.
  16. BearCreek

    BearCreek Habitat Plan

    Herbicides and Spraying I spent an entire day spraying fescue and reed canary grass. Besides a flat tire and a surprise raccoon in a trap I didn't "unset," the day went well, here is my set up and strategy: I use a 250 gallon water tank and a 25 gallon ATV sprayer (my 80 gallon sprayer came in...
  17. BearCreek

    Tillable cash rent questions….

    I actually deal with this issue professionally in a different state but I would assume many of the same strategies could be employed. (Disclaimer - This is not legal advice.) The only way to determine what the ground is really worth is to accept bids. I advertised in a local newspapers and bids...
  18. BearCreek

    BearCreek Habitat Plan

    Food Plot Attraction Thought I would share a quick thought about relative attractiveness. I broadcasted Frosty Berseem and feed Oats into a 1/3 acre brassica plot(that I installed last fall), I did this in early March in what would normally be the "frost-seeding window." The Berseem appears to...
  19. BearCreek

    BearCreek Habitat Plan

    I have learned a few things over the last year and thought I should update this thread. Shrub Protection: When I initially planted shrubs last year I used 7 foot vinyl deer fence, it was cheap and I thought it would be sturdy enough. After a year of observation, I would still endorse this...
  20. BearCreek

    New Turkey hunter- what to get?

    Hawk 32 basically answered your question exactly how I would of. Get some Avian X decoys, the newer HDR's look great. I have a full strut, jake, feeding hen, and breeding hen. My son shot a bird off the full strut decoy last weekend. Ipad was key in keeping him in blind until 10:15am. Turkey...
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