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Search results

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  1. Brett Morris

    Tractor Tire Ballast & Flat Prevention

    I just bought a newer John Deere 5075E to use on our farm. I have loved it so far but I’ve gotta get some weight added for mowing and working on rougher terrain. I’m new to the tractor ownership world & based on research it appears adding tire ballast is the best way to go. Has anybody found a...
  2. Brett Morris

    Ideas to help access

    So we have a 2 acre turnip/radish plot that's about 200 yards from the entrance to our farm. Most afternoons there's deer in it 3-4 hours before shooting light so bumping deer happens every hunt. I had planned to plant a plot screen but didn't get it done. I'm curious if anyone has any permanent...
  3. Brett Morris

    Farm Input

    This is the first fall on our farm that finally feels like it's completely ours. We purchased in December of 2018. Pasture lease went through the end of 2019 so cattle were on the property until mid October, so food plots last year were limited. Fast forward to today. We've done a good chunk of...
  4. Brett Morris


    I’m curious what everyone’s opinion is on honeysuckle. I’ve got an 80 acre farm that’s got significant honeysuckle pressure. What’s unique is the habitat is significantly different on different parts of the farm. The NRCS and NWTF are telling me to irradiate 100% of it. The main concern I’ve...
  5. Brett Morris

    Dave Smith Turkey Decoys FS

    Selling a few of my collection. I have always intended to sell a couple but never gotten around to it. Located in New Sharon but work in Ottumwa. Can meet anywhere in between. Have the original decoy bags that's included, in perfect condition. I've got the following for sale: Dave Smith Jake -...
  6. Brett Morris

    Leupold VX1 3-9x40

    I’ve got a Leupold VX1 3-9x40 that came off my muzzleloader that I’d like to sell. The buyer of my muzzleloader didn’t need the optics and I don’t want it just sitting around. I bought it new a couple years ago and I’ve only hunted with it 8-10 times since...
  7. Brett Morris

    Vortex Razor HD 10x42

    Bought these brand new a year ago. They come with the lifetime warranty from Vortex that is fully transferable. The MSRP for this pair is $1,000. I’m only selling to upgrade slightly. Considering going to 12 power for our west. These binos are incredible! Not interested in trades unless somebody...
  8. Brett Morris

    Steel Shooting Targets - Support our local HS

    Big favor to ask: our local high school has an incredible industrial technology program. Recently I talked to them about cutting a bunch of AR500 Steel Targets to sell. As you can imagine the material alone is incredibly expensive. They aren't doing it to make a terrible lot, just cover...
  9. Brett Morris

    Target for Fall

    I uploaded pics to the trail cam contest as well. No history & a completely new area I’m hunting this year. Hoping he sticks around after he loses the velvet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Brett Morris

    Turkey Request

    Bit of a random ask: My wife and I moved this past fall. Long story short I had a really neat turkey display with all the beards & spurs of the birds I’ve killed. The neighbors dog decided to visit and ate a handful of beards. (Thank god he didn’t take the spurs too). I’m looking to replace the...
  11. Brett Morris

    Sitka Fanatic Gear

    Selling my Sitka Fanatic Jacket & Bibs. They are a few years old & in really good shape. I hunted out of a blind the entire late season and I'm not sure I need these anymore. I'm probably going to get the Sitka Open Country series for going out west since I haven't used this set more than a...
  12. Brett Morris

    Wincester SX3 Slug Gun

    Selling my Winchester SX3 Slug gun: I bought it brand new from Scheels last year. Had I known our shotgun group would dissolve a year later I would have never bought it. I ended up hunting with my muzzleloader the entire gun season and have no reason to keep this anymore. It has a Eotech 512...
  13. Brett Morris

    2016 Late Muzzeloader Buck

    There isn't a huge story but now that I'm tagged out I wanted to get some hunts from 2016 posted. The opening night of Late Muzzleloader I was able to "talk" the wife into letting me take our 4 year to the blind. The deal was hunting, then racing directly to gymnastics. As you can imagine, we...
  14. Brett Morris

    Tagged Out - October 7th!

    Posted in PMA but wanted to post it here as well: I had a heck of a weekend. Saturday night I elected to head out to a small farm close to home as soon as the rain let-up. My wife and I had our third child this summer so with 0 stands hung for the season I had no choice but to do a quick hang &...
  15. Brett Morris

    Scott Longhorn Hex - Used/For Sale

    I've got a Scott Longhorn Hex for sale. It's in great shape. I used it to cure a case of target panic and simply haven't used it for a year+ now. They are $140 new, would sell for $100. This is Scott's back-tension release with the wrist strap. I was intimidated by a back-tension release but it...
  16. Brett Morris

    WTB Large Hunting Camo

    I've got a good friend looking for good camo. He needs size large and is wanting to buy some quality, lightly used gear. Willing to pay cash. He could use anything from rut gear through late season. Let me know what you have!! Thanks guys
  17. Brett Morris

    Like New Trail Cams For Sale

    Selling four Moultrie M880's. I got these brand new in July of last year, they were used for about 6-8 weeks total so they're basically brand new. I'm only switching because I want to start looking at cell cameras in the next year or two. I'm willing to ship if we do business through PayPal...
  18. Brett Morris

    Backyard Food Plot

    Hey Guys. My wife and I just bought our first acreage (which our home and shop are situated on). We have acres and acres of solid timber bordering our yard and want to put in a nice sized foot plot for hunting and watching deer. Having never done a food plot Id love to hear any/all advice. I'd...
  19. Brett Morris

    Wife's Early Muzzleloader Buck

    Got one of those early morning text messages that jolt your heart into a million beats per minute. My wife has bow hunted the past 3 years during the early season and has passed up her fair share of medium/small bucks, I'm convinced because she's competitive and wants a buck on the wall beside...
  20. Brett Morris

    Gravity Wagon Blind

    A buddy and I have been working on our latest project the past couple weeks. Pretty happy with how it's turning out. Our biggest goal was having a mobile blind for youth season and our wives, and those frigid days during late muzzleloader for ourselves ;) a few pictures to show the progress...