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Search results

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  1. Crimson Arrows


    Thanks for all the effort Skip!
  2. Crimson Arrows

    * Crimson Arrows*-New Book Available

    Thanks! Yes sir it does...too fast.
  3. Crimson Arrows

    * Crimson Arrows*-New Book Available

    Testimonials As editor for Bowhunter magazine, I read thousands of manuscripts, and above all I loved discovering a nugget among the dozens of new writers who submitted manuscripts. Eyad Yehyawi was one of those. From the beginning, he wrote well and exuded enthusiasm for bowhunting. In his...
  4. Crimson Arrows

    * Crimson Arrows*-New Book Available

    I hope guys you are doing well and enjoying the fall. I haven't posted on Iowawhitetail for some time-seems since we had our second child...ha ha :) Since I've been doing more bottles than bowhunting over the last couple of years-I started writing more and reflecting. Kids will do that I...
  5. Crimson Arrows

    181" Iowa Whitetail

    Wow! Great buck and awesome wall!
  6. Crimson Arrows

    The Bully

    Congrats! Great buck and season:)
  7. Crimson Arrows


    Thanks for the info!
  8. Crimson Arrows


    Who makes a bedded doe decoy? Trying to find one to add to the Boss buck.
  9. Crimson Arrows

    Attorney Needed

    Glad you got it worked out as I think the far north is one of the most incredible places Ive ever seen. It's like walking on the moon-or what I imagine it would be like. It can get a bit crazy though-especially when the outfitter and guides aren't on the same page. Keep us posted!
  10. Crimson Arrows

    2015 buck

    Congrats!!! Great buck:)
  11. Crimson Arrows

    11-1 buck

    Congrats! Well done:)
  12. Crimson Arrows

    My Once in a Lifetime Buck Named Patches

    Great buck and story! Congrats!
  13. Crimson Arrows

    November movement

    Sat all day and saw two forky's.
  14. Crimson Arrows

    Finalled killed 10/29

    Congrats! Great buck:)
  15. Crimson Arrows

    Blood trailing question

    Ha ha ha! I posted that and then realized you had posted before not sure how I missed it or if you did it this morning no matter great buck! Really awesome story!!!
  16. Crimson Arrows

    Blood trailing question

    It is possible you laid him open, or eviscerated him. Low hits like that can bleed like crazy at first then trickle out. If you are inside the cavity or near guts he will eventually succumb to the wound. If you grazed the sternum he will live most likely. If you got in the cavity, though, and...
  17. Crimson Arrows

    The Ghost of Seasons Past Returns

  18. Crimson Arrows

    Losing my mind!!!

    Yep I agree. No "void". Keep at it and it sounds like one lung with possibilities of liver/paunch. It's amazing how broadside deer can actually be quartering to us more than we think. This leads to alot of one lung and liver/paunch on exit. Still it's a mortal wound no doubt. He's out there so...
  19. Crimson Arrows

    Rage Deflection

    The large blades and severe angle of them, often causes deflection as you said. They can go a LONG way on one lung. Can happen with any head but much more so with the steep angles on many heads out there these days. Glad you found her:)
  20. Crimson Arrows

    HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!

    Congrats!! Incredible buck and story:) Well done!