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Search results

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  1. alaskanwhtail

    Frozen Morels

    dehydrate them till crisp then put them in freezer bag and when you want to eat some just soak them in water for 15 minutes. It works and they don't go bad for along time.
  2. alaskanwhtail

    alaska morels

    well they pop up any where after a forest fire but mostly next to burnt white spruce where red squirrels lived
  3. alaskanwhtail

    alaska morels

    I decided to pick some for an hour and came back with 7.2 lbs of tasty treats. we got a lot of rain lately and I knew a near by burn that would be a producer.
  4. Alaska Morels

    Alaska Morels

  5. alaskanwhtail

    the wifes latest harvests

    Sounds like we should swap a hunt, my biggest whitetail is a 120 10 pt, would love to arrow a Midwest giant.
  6. alaskanwhtail

    Got "Rookie" back from taxidermist, broken ear an all!

    nice buck, do you think the ear was damaged from fighting
  7. alaskanwhtail

    the wifes latest harvests

    well she found out after I took here to heaven and back with her first dall sheep ram, funny how she cried and bitched the whole time till she put her little hands on that full curl ram. she is one tough wife and now she knows she can due any thing as long as im packing the majority of the...
  8. Kellys Latest Harvest

    Kellys Latest Harvest

    the wife
  9. Kellys Latest Harvest

    Kellys Latest Harvest

    the wife
  10. alaskanwhtail

    2013 black bears

    yup, its time but mom is gonna be doing the arrowing this year, maybe Kelly will get in there too. Good luck Kaare.
  11. alaskanwhtail

    2013 black bears

    After sealing the blonde, a biologist came in and said his 31 years of studying black bears in the interior he has never seen one quite like it, he said there is a few in Canada and the lower 48 but not here, I shot these bears above the artic circle off the haul rd. Under bait, and there are...
  12. alaskanwhtail

    bad beavers

    It was 15 beavers from a hut that hasn't been trapped for 20 some years.
  13. alaskanwhtail

    2013 black bears

    These are both blackies the smaller one that squared at 6 foot was a very rare blonde phase, and the black was squared at 6 foot 10 inches, not my biggest but he looked it.
  14. 2013 Black Bears

    2013 Black Bears

  15. 2013 Black Bears

    2013 Black Bears

  16. alaskanwhtail

    bad beavers

    over the last 5 years I have been doing adc trapping for the state fish and game and city of Fairbanks, its exciting to watch these flattails drown. This is a beavers paridise in Fairbanks but the humans don't want em and I gladly take em out, 2 days of trapping and 2 days of fleshing. All these...
  17. Bad Beavers

    Bad Beavers

  18. alaskanwhtail

    some wolfs

    some times life gets so busy you don't look at a computer for years.
  19. alaskanwhtail

    Kodiak Island

    Heres a goat I shot, I have taken a few dall sheep and them hunts are hard as it gets, Im in really good shape and it kicks your behind. This goat was easy compared to some of the sheep hunts I've been on. I took my father who is not in good shape and flew into a remote part of Kodiak Island, we...
  20. Kodiak Island Goat

    Kodiak Island Goat