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Search results

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  1. N

    Experiences with forming “co-ops” to manage for older deer???

    I love the idea- but it would never work up here in farm country where the gunners push out everything and swear it’s a 200” running. Heck- a few years ago a group chased a buck 21 miles because it had double drops (sadly I’m serious). Would take a special neighborhood but would be AWESOME to...
  2. N

    Biggest “6” I’ve ever seen ….

    A lot of folks forget that the Wisconsin buck was actually never a record- Elisha Hugen had the world record 8 for the longest time. Then I believe the MN and KS deer maybe passed it? But the “lucky buck” was never a record as claimed. That being said- I have a 58” true 3 pt antler- it’s huge...
  3. N

    Antler Model

    Most taxidermists could pry point you in the right direction (a lot might do it even). If I had a rack that was close I’d be willing to ship it to you if it helped at all
  4. N

    Can I buy an Early Muzz LOT and a Statewide Shotgun 1 tag?

    That was my understanding too. Curious what the original poster potentially found out? You can do shotgun and late, but that early muzzleloader is a “sacred” season I always thought. I’ve never looked into it as usually I’m too busy for early ml
  5. N

    Cross Dominance (Eye to Hand)

    My wife wears an eye patch shooting all summer- hunting then her eyes are trained enough it works.
  6. N

    Cheaper Cams to Replace Moultries

    I’ve switched to all Browning’s. Zero issues- great quality. Super customer service when I had a woodpecker issue. My coverts are used as a dummy camera now in very obvious locations is all.
  7. N

    Woodbury County

    Thanks for the knowledge, I had zero idea it was in Western Iowa...
  8. N

    Passed the torch.

    Ive done the letter thing with a lot more success than a person thinks. Door knocking, you have to guarantee its the owner you are talking to, I have seen that play out far to many times that a renter gives permission to the "back 80" and trouble arises (I think its better now with the vast...
  9. N

    Woodbury County

    I could be wrong, but I dont think NW Iowa has been getting hit hard with EHD like southern Iowa but I could be wrong... I feel like there are a ton of reasons why numbers are low in that part of the state and where I am (North Central)... No cover first, they keep moving away for cover. Shotgun...
  10. N

    200 inchers?

    We did call (me and the neighbor). That’s how we found out there wasn’t a local officer at the time. We were told it would be really hard to follow up at the time due to work load. Since then- we have a new officer finally that lives 3 miles away
  11. N

    200 inchers?

    Yes iowa. The dads said it was legal cause youth tags were good for all seasons. Said weapons didn’t matter since youth tag. Just a loophole that obviously can be exploited (at the time we had no game officer for 3 counties) So that’s why I’m not “for” the floating tag from first hand experience
  12. N

    200 inchers?

    My opinion is this- Youth can shoot bucks during youth season. The moment its a different season, they should be limited to does... Now, I am not well versed in youth yet, but I know there were several people in my area that had their kids out in November with Rifles since it was "youth season"...
  13. N

    Age this buck

    We killed an 8 1/2+ That barely scraped. I don’t think a gland is a deciding factor on age. My opinion only
  14. N

    Age this buck

    I’d say- 4 1/2….we chased multiple bucks for multiple years, got teeth sent in and found out the “age” they predicted as well. I think it’s very hard to tell as each deer, like humans, are their own beasts. Everything is different per deer IMO.
  15. N

    Consensus on 2022 antler growth

    What I’ve seen- I don’t think it was a great year. This might be my worst year ever for buck sightings though
  16. N

    Big 8 hard horned - update

    My initial quick glance just made me drool- I like big 8s- a lot. I have an antler that looks similar but the brow was broke off. I’d say about 143-145 from what I see in that picture. Can see width or brows, but either way, I don’t think I could pass at all
  17. N

    How many trail cams?

    I used to run 30 cams total stretched out over many farms. I have 7 on 17 acres right now, and most of the time don’t get the same bucks on the cameras. I run 5 on 30 acres usually and same scenario, seems like the farms are divided. I lowered my number and switch to high usage areas depending...
  18. N

    Single most important ingredient in a food plot?

    Mine look great- I didn’t till most of them this year as I got behind on things- just mowed and spread seed. The mulch has really helped retain moisture for me. The ones I tilled, they are struggling bad.
  19. N

    If you could pick the Day, Weather, Ground condition, and Wind direction to Bow hunt what day would it be??

    45 for the high on Halloween and a 10 mph breeze, prefer east but would handle south too.
  20. N

    200 inchers?

    The buck I just shared above is on many cuddelink cameras- he’s not a 200”, but they don’t seem to mind nearly as much. Part of me wonders- my Tactacam reveals seem to make areas go blank with mature bucks- but they are a “cheap” cell cam. Does quality of cell cam make a difference? Ask the...