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Search results

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  1. Baby-G

    Happy New Years!!!

    2019 was a great year for me... can’t wait to try to top this year next year!!!
  2. Baby-G

    Mission Sub-1XR Black Pro Package crossbow

    New in box... $1500 shipped. Comes with 2 packs of illuminated mission bolts and 1 pack of regular bolts. Mathews quiver, 100 yard lighted reticle scope. Top of the line crossbow.
  3. Baby-G

    Louisville Deer and Turkey Expo this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

    If you happen to attend please swing by the Real World Wildlife Products Booth or the Red Neck Hunting Blind booth and say hello! My seminar schedule is Friday 7:15pm, Saturday 12:15 and 2:45pm, Sunday 12:15pm. Don't know if anybody from the site will be there, but I'd love to chat with you if...
  4. Baby-G

    Non-Resident Deer Tag lottery results

    Anyone know when these will be available?
  5. Baby-G

    Michigan Deer And Turkey Expo

    Feb. 19-21st I will be speaking at this show and will have a booth. Stop by and see me if your in the area. I had a banner made so I don't have to take any mounts to shows anymore. Thanks to a friends talents it turned out well.
  6. Baby-G

    Merry Chrstmas fellow whitetail addict!!!!

    Hope every one has a safe and happy Christmas! Give thanks to Jesus Christ for everything he has blessed us with!
  7. Baby-G

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family and/or hunting!!!
  8. Baby-G

    Kansas Unit 15

    There is a long story to this, but basically I lead to believe I had a 450 acre piece of private property to hunt that a friend had got us permission to hunt on in Unit 15 in Kansas. After drawing the tag my friend has changed his story and says he's allowed to take someone with him to film...
  9. Baby-G

    American Sniper

    Every America loving person needs to go see this movie. It has some rough scenes and bad language, but it will leave you speechless and with a greater respect for those that lay down there lives for the US. Dead silence when the movie was over and everyone I've talked to said the same thing...
  10. Baby-G

    Not a harvest, its an addition!

    She was born Friday night at 11:06 pm. Left the house 4 minutes after the first contraction at 10:30pm. Made it to the hospital with 4 minutes to spare. Drove 108 mph the entire way.... Named her Aspyn Leanna Simpson
  11. Baby-G

    Kentucky Deer and Turkey Expo in Louisville

    Not sure if there is anyone on here that lives near Louisville, KY or would be in the area in late January, but I am going to be speaking (4 seminars) at the Louisville KY Deer and Turkey Expo on Jan. 30, 31 and Feb. 1st. For most or all you guys on here it'd be a total waste of time to listen...
  12. Baby-G

    Cabin fever!

    I'm getting cabin fever at a rapid pace! I know I'm supposed to lay around for two weeks after having lumbar spinal fusion. I haven't made it a week and I'm dying to get out and about...
  13. Baby-G

    Did they pull another thread?

    I must have missed something...
  14. Baby-G

    My new Chill R

    Decided to share my new bow with everyone. Since sheds aren't dropping yet here in KY.... I had to custom paint the quiver to match the bow, because Mathews doesn't offer a tan quiver to match the Desert Tactical Tan version. The bow is very fast, pulls very smooth and seems to be an...
  15. Baby-G

    The dirty side of whitetail hunting........

    Outfittering in the MidWest is more detrimental to the QDMA and deer hunting than any other thing I can think of........ Read what I just wrote above again....... I know there might be 1 out of 100 outfitters that may limit the hunting pressure and only sell a couple hunts a year, but they...
  16. Baby-G


    Been awhile since I caught the flu, but I had it confirmed today by Doc. Hope you all avoid it....
  17. Baby-G

    Illinios deer herd down the drain!

    Let your voices be heard and DON'T LET YOUR STATE BE NEXT!!!! http://www.heartlandoutdoors.com/guest_blog/story/the_illinois_whitetail_disaster
  18. Baby-G

    Shed hunting will never be the same for me...

    I lost my shed hunting buddy today. Booner Shed Hunter passed away this am, he was 12 years old and one heck of a great yellow lab! Guess I'll get a new pup when I can and start training a new dog. Booner was multi-talented and would retreive anything: ducks, sticks, balls, geese, birds of...
  19. Baby-G

    Send a message to your respresentatives!

    Go to www.ruger.com and you can send a letter to all your representitve about gun controll by just using your zip code. Just takes a minite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ahHROWY90&feature=share&list=UUjzurbOLJU1GWbO0n32IJNA
  20. Baby-G


    Well I had my back surgery on L-5 S-1 on Tuesday. The Dr told the wife that he did the best he could do and said the herniated disc was very difficult to get to. I'm very sore, I'll be off 6 to 8 weeks. I'm not even allowed to drive for two weeks. Guess no shed hunting for me until late...