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Search results

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    Bow Sling?

    What is everyone using for a bow sling? Mainly for out west/long morning or night walk outs? I have a Close Grip Bow Handle on my bow but looking for a good quality sling. I feel like 2 years ago I talked to someone who used a “AR style” sling where he had clips on the riser and the sling just...
  2. N

    Whats tough enough for....

    So I have several "trails" that cut around our property, mainly for UTV, walking, small utility tractor, nothing big or excessive either. Figured I really would like to maximize the area and plant clovers on these trails. Is it tough enough to handle traffic, not regular traffic, just the...
  3. N

    Food plotting

    So I’m shifting some of my equipment to make it “easier” for food plotting and I’m contemplating some 3 pt tillage pieces (just can’t justify no till yet). I’m looking at a field cultivator or a disc, but not sure which one I’d prefer. Thoughts or opinions? Anyone else using 3 pt stuff for some...
  4. N

    Backpack Sprayers

    Anyone use one? Really thinking about making the switch versus carrying in one hand. What are some good ones?
  5. N

    Turkey tag?

    A co worker bought his turkey tag and it says he can hunt 1st, 2nd, 3rd season... is that correct? Its a gun tag
  6. N

    Hand Seeder?

    Whats the best hand seeders out there for small seeds? I have 3 acres to do, and want to be as consistent as possible so I am going to avoid the fourwheeler I think, and looking for a hand seeder but have zero idea whats a good option out there right now? Any help would be great, Thanks
  7. N

    Tree Tubes

    Ok- so we are planning on planting anywhere from 500-1000 trees this year (wife wants a lot of oaks and cedars) We want tree tubes but they seem outrageously priced- is there anywhere to get a fairly decent deal on them? Or does anyone have any suggestions on other options? Thanks
  8. N


    What is everyones thoughts on Raspberries being beneficial at all? The place I bought has about 2 acres of them, albeit, overgrown and needs weed control somehow... Which then leads me to, what can be done for weed control in Raspberry bushes?
  9. N

    No Till options?

    Looking to attempt No Till type food plot this year on one of the "rocky" places on my new farm... I can see limestone on top in a few areas, so I do not want to really rip it up anymore than I have to- so what are my options? Just spray and do "throw and grow" type seeds, or anything else?
  10. N

    New Here- New Farm

    Hello Everyone! We just bought a small farm in Iowa (not necessarily for deer, but its a good area) and I really just came for a bunch of information. I have creeped on the page awhile, and finally wanted to make the plunge as this will be the first spring and I will be looking for lots of...