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Search results

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  1. G

    Garand clips and 38/357 brass

    3 1 gallon bags of garand clips $20 5 1 gallon bags of 38/357 brass $20 Or offer, looking to get them to someone that will use it. Text 319 two one five 6595
  2. G

    Lone Wolf Sit and Climb

    I have a lone wolf sit and climb, works great looking for a lone wolf or muddy hang on with sticks for trade or would like $300 for stand. email: [email protected] or call/text 319-215-6595. Located in the Amana's (near Cedar Rapids)
  3. G

    lone wolf sit and climb

    Lone wolf sit and climb used 1 season bought 2010. Stand is in good condition. I am in Tiffin/ Coralville area. $300 Email [email protected] or call/text 319-215-6595 Great stand, easy to use, and over $100 off retail.
  4. G

    Trailed one to a gutpile

    Im not trying to say this is wrong but the first thing that came to mind was that the guy thought no one was looking for it. Alot of people dont know about leaving it lay over night and would of came back out in the middle of the night to look (My stepdad was one of these until i started doing...
  5. G

    young one i have been watching

    He is one I think will make it, he doesnt like the big timbers just little junk Last Year This Year:
  6. G

    Need a Double Bull Matrix 360

    cabelas still sells the 360 was just there and saw them, I however like my darkhorse just as much
  7. G

    New buck

    thank you im not very good at the guessing game
  8. G

    New buck

    Would like to see what you guys think age and score wise. gonna let him pass but would like to see what you guys think.
  9. G

    Shooting Does with Fawns

    Is it bad to shoot does when they have fawns with them this time of year. I want to start taking does out of my woods and with season only 9 days away this question has been popping into my head. So I believe the fawns should be old enough to survive by now am I right? Any other feelings on...
  10. G

    Cool 8

    looks like a muley
  11. G

    more details on mock scrapes

    I have continued my research on the internet and people have all said they work great but you need to make sure you have rubber boots and gloves on the whole time. The best idea i have heard was transplanting scrapes. You find two scrapes and switch the soil. The disadvantage of this is you...
  12. G


    I got this pic off my camera today and i was wondering if i should be worried or not. If I see it I plan to kill it just due to the horns but would the dnr give me a tag for it after i kill it due to the mange look? Any one that could shine some light on this would be appreciated.
  13. G

    Drop tine

    First big buck I have ever gotten on camera. anyone have an age or score on him that would be great.
  14. G

    mock scrape

    I was just wondering when people start putting in mock scrapes. I was going to start doing this this year but dont know when to start or where is ideal to put them. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. G

    Good Drop Away rest

    If you have a mathews bow the hd2 convertable is the best for mathews i think. It matches the bow really nicely, if you shoot a mathews i have a hd2 i will sell you for cheap, 3 weeks old. [email protected]
  16. G

    Good Drop Away rest

    If you usually use your bow for hunting I would go with a rip cord or a QAD rest. The QAD is nice because it doesnt go down when you relax your bow, it only goes down when you shoot. That is the only down fall of the rip cord is it drops if you have to relax the bow. If you shoot alot outside...
  17. G

    Buck without his antlers.

    It makes me nervous. I have been hesitant to go late muzzle hunting because i dont want to shoot a Shed buck. Bow I wouldnt worry as much because you could prolly see the red marks but muzzleloader pokes out there a bit.
  18. G

    Whats the Biggest????

    jlclaws1, that looks like the albia buck
  19. G

    little guy with character.

    Hunted 3 times a week since opening day in between working full time and school full time and passed plenty of deer. I hit a point last week where i thought i should do some homework and laundry and i said i will shoot what comes next. I havnt been able to hunt for 4 years do to my military...
  20. G

    Check this chunk out

    I agree looks old