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Search results

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  1. M

    Pickup hoist

    I’m getting tired of wrestling deer into the back of my pickup with no help. What’s the go-to hoist for a pickup receiver? I want a good one, no cheap junk brands. I’m not into making my own either. No, a cell phone to call for help is not what I’m looking for either. Everyone is always busy it...
  2. M

    Nice rack!

    Management finally gave the green light to display the racks I’ve had stored in the crawl space for numerous years. They’re dusty and need to be cleaned and something to make them pop in appearance a little. Any recommendations out there?
  3. M

    State auction

    If you receive the IA DNR emails they sent out an email a couple weeks back about the confiscation auction and that it was being held in Omaha and operated by a Nebraska auctioneer. Seemed odd to me so I shot a text off to the listed phone number to inquire as to why. Response was very quick and...
  4. M

    Super short ax to ax bows

    I’ve gotten hooked on The Hunting Public show, no subscription to a channel or package needed. Anyway, the hunters like to ground hunt or tree hunt with a saddle. I’m kinda intrigued by the saddle and wonder what a super short bow would add to the set up. So does anyone manufacture a super short...
  5. M

    Safety harness?

    I’m in need of a new safety harness. I prefer one that’s easy on and off, not bulky and has binocular holding capabilities. What’s everyone’s go to?
  6. M

    Wild Parsnip???

    Spent the wkd up in the Decorah area camping and canoeing, area is overrun with parsnip. Canoe livery guy warned us and only one kid was hit with a real small blister so far. What’s the deal with this stuff and what stops it? Chemicals, mowing, burning?
  7. M

    Morel farmer???

    Came across this add tonight. Can morels be grown and harvested like this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. M

    Intriguing stand placement

    Noticed this stand traveling between jobs, I’ll just say it’s on a fairly busy state highway just south of Waterloo. Not a stitch of timber besides what’s in the ditch it’s in. Also not sure if it’s legit or just being funny. I got a kick out of it anyway. Where have you seen an interesting...
  9. M

    Coyote rifle?

    So I'd like to purchase a new or used coyote rifle just not sure what I should be looking at as far as caliber and scope. Mid to high end quality/price recommendations would be appreciated.
  10. M

    Replacement string?

    Fellas, need to replace the string on my X-Force what brand and dealer would you recomend?