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Search results

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    Hunting deals- post em up

    I am glad I am reading this. I have the MTO50 goretex whitetail extreme and was thinking about swapping into a fanatic or incinerator set. I run VERY cold while sitting stationary.
  2. S

    Sitka Gear For Sale

    JBAGS, where are you located?
  3. S

    Late November Bow Buck- fun hunt!!

    Great buck and sounds like a fun hunt! Way to get it done on a giant!
  4. S

    Blessed again…..Speechless

    Way to get it done! Great buck and such a great experience for father/sons! Congrats
  5. S

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I have been working this week but planning to take tomorrow off to hunt. Hoping the lockdown situation has gotten much better since last week/weekend. Are you all seeing mature deer searching now or they still paired up with does?
  6. S

    Derecho question

    Great question, i have wondered the exact same thing while driving through those areas.
  7. S

    Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back

    Nice job Ishi, congrats on a great buck!
  8. S

    2022 Buck

    That is a great buck! Congrats!
  9. S

    Views from the stand 2022-23

    I had the exact same thing tonight. Picked cornfield full of does/fawns and no bucks until fairly late, two dinks came to check them out. Very strange
  10. S

    Mark scores

    Great looking mature 8, congrats to him!
  11. S

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Young bucks pushing does around early this morning. Been totally dead since about 8:30 for me. Definitely not the full moon mid day movement that i was hoping for!
  12. S

    Killed a decent 10

    Congrats on a great buck!
  13. S

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Pouring down rain still in se iowa, looks like it is going to stop in a bit and i am going to sneak into stand. Good luck everyone!
  14. S

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I have two target bucks this year. One of them visited scrape two days ago in daylight. The other visited a scrape 4x the past week all at night. Wrong winds for me to hunt them this weekend!
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    Cheaper Cams to Replace Moultries

    I have a couple of the $39 muddy cams from menards. Pics are not great but video is better. I have had problems with them leaking water though.
  16. S

    Chestnut planting

    Daver, do you mind sharing where you got the trees? I would like to plant 10-12 of them as well to get started
  17. S

    Hudson's first two deer

    Congrats on the great experience and his two first deer. Priceless memories for you all!
  18. S


    Thanks for feedback. I think i will wait and frost seed, figured it was borderline.
  19. S


    Is it too late to seed white clover right now? Better off frost seeding late winter/early spring? I have some fire breaks around new crp and got a fairly poor stand of clover. I just mowed the fire breaks and was wondering if i should broadcast more clover seed now.
  20. S

    Grass to seed forestry mulched hillside

    Thanks for the reply. The soil will likely be erodible but not much draining to it so should not get too much velocity. Mowing wont be good option due to slopes and intermixed trees. Spraying would need to be backpack sprayer but that might be doable. Total area is about 2.5-3ac. I had...
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