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Search results

  1. Hill_billydeluxe

    Tree Saddles

    Figured I’d give my 2 cents on saddle hunting if anyone was curious about it. Got a saddle last year, never got around to hunting in it until today. Wanted a low weight, easy to use system for public land. Ended up with the XOP. I believe it’s a renegade? I was really unsure about it until...
  2. Hill_billydeluxe

    Lessons Learned

    Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on how the season finishes out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hill_billydeluxe

    Lessons Learned

    I would say I likely fall into that category. I still get a little bit of that adrenaline and excitement with every deer in range. I suppose that’s what it’s all about. I Just gotta learn to manage it a little better I think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hill_billydeluxe

    Lessons Learned

    Hunter to hunter talk. I grew up hunting shotgun season with my dad. Fell in love with the outdoors but more specifically deer hunting by the time I was 8. Picked up bow hunting at 15 years old and started to love the challenge. I’m 18 now and In the time between working for local farmers and...
  5. Hill_billydeluxe

    .350 Legend

    I've had my 350 for two seasons now. Shot 3 does with it. One dropped where it stood, the other two didn't make it more than 15 yards. Shot two last year with 180 grain and one this year with 150 grain winchester deer seasons. Love the accuracy when compared to my previous slug gun. I have the...
  6. Hill_billydeluxe

    Hunting over food

    Did some still hunting tonight. Made a big loop around some really thick cover and saw two good sized does just not shots I wanted to take. Just after a deer to bring home some meat right now. Will probably be focusing my hunting around that area being it’s so thick and looks like little pressure.
  7. Hill_billydeluxe

    Hunting over food

    Didn’t make it happen tonight, got in at 1:30 and there was a doe on the edge that saw me as I was walking in. Got Sat down and at about 3:30 a coyote came by that I didn’t get a chance to shoot. Probably going to try something new tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hill_billydeluxe

    Hunting over food

    Tonight will be my first time at this spot so I’m not sure. Didn’t really look for sign either when I found the spot, just to avoid disturbing it. I’m thinking as long as it hasn’t had much pressure there should be some deer in the field tonight. I’ll keep ya posted!
  9. Hill_billydeluxe

    Hunting over food

    Thanks guys! Doing some driving around scouting midday just to see what all there is for public around here. Hunting some of the loess hills forests for the first time. Definitely fun to change the pace a bit from bow season and hunt some landscape I’ve never hunted before. Seems to be a whole...
  10. Hill_billydeluxe

    Hunting over food

    Get to miss some school to do a bit of hunting this week. Was wondering specifically about tonight. Hunting large public land areas that have a fair amount of pressure. I think I found a bit of a pocket with some standing. Corn farther than most would walk. Also an alfalfa field on my way to...
  11. Hill_billydeluxe

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    1. Birddown101 2. buckhunter92 3. Hardwood11 4. Entropyfx 5. Chadw. 6. Hillrunner 7. Elvis188 8. Jbohn 9. IowaBowHunter1983 10. northcedar 11. Hair&Scales 12. bowhunter365
  12. Hill_billydeluxe

    Mobile ground hunting

    I went a couple days ago, brought a chair and some camo netting. Deer didn't think anything of it. Super mobile but you're kind of limited to where you can set up.
  13. Hill_billydeluxe

    Late Muzzleloader

    I'll do some watching. I really enjoy his content and the information he provides. Thanks for the idea!
  14. Hill_billydeluxe

    Late Muzzleloader

    Thanks for the advice! I've hunted gun season two for a few years now and got into bow hunting last year. I'm relatively new to late muzzleloader though so it really helps.
  15. Hill_billydeluxe

    Late Muzzleloader

    Does anyone have advice for late muzzleloader hunts on public land?
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