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  1. risto2351

    Turkey Seasons

    I might of missed it on here somewhere, but what was the reasoning behind the youth season only three days and closing the season a week earlier? Some of the best hunting was just starting to occur IMHO.
  2. risto2351

    Wireless Trail Cameras

    Been looking at the wireless trail camera reviews and am confused on the pros/cons of which ones are the best to buy. Figured I would go right to those using them in the field on their opinion on the best ones out there. I am in N.E. Iowa and use U.S. Cellular. Looking at clarity of picture...
  3. risto2351

    Boykin Spaniel Puppies

    A couple of years ago we did a thread on our loyal companions. Oakley my hunting companion was 1 then. Just this past winter / early spring she had 8 puppies. Cute little buggers. Oakley has her senior title (only one of three Boykins last year) and Tybee the sire has his Master Hunter Title...
  4. risto2351

    Cameras similar to the Buckeye cameras?

    What is out on the market now that is similar to the Buckeye cameras? Been waiting a few years to hopefully see if the technology is getting better and cheaper. If it has been discussed before my apologies. Thank You.
  5. risto2351

    Question on Pheasants

    I plan on doing some walking this weekend for the elusive ringed necked pheasant. I was just wondering of some public area West of the Charles City/Mason City area that may hold one or two birds. Does anyone have any suggestions for a guy and his young dog? Thank you in advance.
  6. risto2351

    Show The Pictures of Your Best Friend

    Figured while everyone was arguing about what's best for the other person and their deer that I would break up the monotony. I had a Dog for about 12 years and had to put him to sleep. (Risto) There is nothing better than hunting behind a well trained dog. After he left I only hunted...
  7. risto2351

    House File 2004

    Looks like someone is making a push for youth season turkey tags to be used for all the seasons. House File 2004
  8. risto2351

    ATV Spreaders

    Well after putting 1400 lbs. of fertilizer on this weekend I decided that I need a spreader that is a little bigger. What is everyone using that has worked really well for them? I will be using it for all kinds of fertilizer and seeds. Looking at something that is decent size so that...
  9. risto2351

    LaCrosse Customer Service

    Has anyone had to deal with sending anything back to LaCrosse for any of their rubber boots? Mine is starting to tear in the front and I have not had them that long. For being a relatively new boot I was wondering if they would take care of it or not.
  10. risto2351

    Breeding Activity

    Friend of mine saw a tom breed a hen Saturday morning. Even though it does not seem like it I think they know it is time.
  11. risto2351


    Is anyone else having a hard time finding rye grain this year? I talked to our local mill and they said that it is in short supply this year? Definitely must be because of the drought.
  12. risto2351

    IW Reunion

    Made a trip to Iowa City today to met with Shredder and JNRBRNC about our upcoming elk trips this fall. After we went through our equipment and items that we were still going to need on our different trips, the infamous Fishbonker pulls up to go fishing. Felt like a IWHITETAIL...
  13. risto2351

    Rain Gear

    What is everyone using for rain gear when they are out West elk hunting. Looking for something that will not break the bank.
  14. risto2351

    Please pray......

    For the low lifes that stole 2 of my trail cameras from the back of my truck last night. Seems that they didn't know what they had and I found two of them by the curb down the block. I'll look for the other two tomorrow morning. Have to start all over with my memory sticks also. They...
  15. risto2351


    Sorry this has taken so long but I figured if I didn't at least get one of my birds up JJohnson would not be happy with me. :rolleyes: After two successful youth weekends with my kids I finally had a chance to get out and hunt on my land where I was seeing a Tom with two hens working a...
  16. risto2351

    Phase of the Season

    I was just wondering what your guys thoughts are for what phase of the season are we in? Are the hens sitting on their nests all day yet? Better to hunt right off the roost and then later in the day because hens are still with the toms? Hearing much gobbling after fly down? Thanks...
  17. risto2351

    Turkey Blinds

    I have a buddy looking for a turkey blind. I myself have a DB 360 matrix and he cannot find any. I told him that the Darkhorse would be my next choice. He mentioned that the people he has talked with do not like them. What are your guys thoughts? He is open to other models but likes...
  18. risto2351

    South Dakota Partner

    Looking to go to S.D. the last weekend in April (the 28th) and hunt through May 1st. Back to work on May 2nd. My friend that went with me the last two years can not go so I am seeing if anyone else is interested. Two bird limit. Trip runs around $800.00 per person. P.M. if interested.
  19. risto2351

    Aspen Cost Share

    I walked my timber with the wildlife biologist on Friday. He said that they have a new cost share program at $200.00 an acre to help the ruffed grouse but will also help your TSI for deer management. Since Aspen has a long root system, in the cost share program they are asking to clearcut...
  20. risto2351

    Public Land Hunters

    I have a quick question. In the regs it is not very clear but on public land can you use a pop up blind for deer (as long as it has so much orange on it) and for turkeys. My buddy says that you can't. Thanks guys.
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