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    How late in the fall would you mow clover in southern Iowa? Thanks
  2. R

    Question on 24D ester

    Anyone know what rate I should use for 24D ester when mixing with roundup for a good burn down before planting turnips? Also how long does one have to wait to plant? thanks
  3. R


    Just curious when i should apply P&K for my late July Turnip planting plots?? Thanks
  4. R

    Planting times?

    With the cool temps right now, I was curious when guys in southern Iowa would start planting there soybean plots?
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    Hi there, I read your spring time project acc nd it sounds like uou might be selling some land...

    Hi there, I read your spring time project acc nd it sounds like uou might be selling some land? Can you tell me how many a res as nd where if your looking to sell . Thanks
  6. R


    When should one plant Whitetail institute Clover in Southern Iowa?
  7. R

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    I been trying to follow the double tree rotation. I planet oats with red clover this Spring in in existing turnip plot from last fall. I have mowed the plot a couple times recently. My question is can I just spray for broad leaves and go light so I don't kill the clover and come back in and...
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    Wet spring food plotting?

    So in the past I've somewhat followed DBL tre's rotation with followings fall planted brassica with spring planting oats and clover. As wet as it is and the upcoming forecast when would it be to late or a waste yo plant clover with the oats? I always follow up in the fall with eye and red...
  9. R

    Planting after rain

    i tilled my plots on Wednesday in preparation to plant Rutabagas on Thursday! I had them Cultipacked and ready but I received 1.75 inch’s of rain before I got them seeded! My question is do you think I need to rework the ground and Cultipack before seeding or can I still just put the seed down...
  10. R

    Mowing cereal rye

    When should one mow their winter rye so it won't drop seeds into future brassica plot? Thanks
  11. R

    Hi there, I have 500 acres of highly managed ground in Van Buren County Iowa. That's a southern...

    Hi there, I have 500 acres of highly managed ground in Van Buren County Iowa. That's a southern county of Iowa. This year for the first time I sold a hunt on our farm. The hunter is currently down and having the time of his life. He is from Tennessee. If you are still looking I would possibly...
  12. R

    Planting fire break seed into seeded Rye

    The fire break mix consists of Timothy grass, red top, alfalfa, ladino and Josh clover, red clover Alisike clover and partridge pea! Thanks for the help so far!!
  13. R

    Planting fire break seed into seeded Rye

    Not sure exactly but I know there's several types of clover and some alfalfa and some different grasses!
  14. R

    Planting fire break seed into seeded Rye

    I planted some Rye late last year where my firebreaks would be for my new Crp seeding! I now have to actually seed my fire breaks! My question is the eyes not very tall yet can I drill the fire break seed into it or should I spray the Rye first? I will be using a no till drill! Thanks
  15. R

    camera best bang for your buck

    Hi Blain, you still liking your Spartan camera? What part of the state are you using it? Thanks
  16. R

    Cellular cams

    Hey Gunrunr, how are you liking your cellular camera?? What part of the state you located in? Thanks
  17. R

    Cellular camera

    I would like to purchase a few cellular cameras that will work in Van Buren or Davis County. Does anyone have any experience or advice on something tharlt Wii get reception?? I tried Llt Acorns a couple years back with At&t and had no luck getting reception!!
  18. R

    My test result update

    Congrats on the good news
  19. R

    Habitat pics

    Hey hillrunner how do you like your 84" Tayor way? I bought one over a year ago and have had nothing but problems!!
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