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Search results

  1. abell3

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34

    Selling my Hoyt Carbon Spyder. 34. New strings put on last year. I will sell it loaded with accessories or bare bow. Bow has HHA sight, QAD drop, bee stinger stab. Hoyt Quiver. Bow is in great shape. Selling to use money towards new bow. Text me for pictures. 641-640-1965. $850 loaded. $700...
  2. abell3

    Help Sighting in new Smokeless Muzzy!

    Anyone in the Des Moines area great at sighting in rifles? I have only sighted in a few and wanted help sighting in my smokeless before muzzy season starts. I'm Willing to meet anyone somewhere! I just want some help from someone that knows more than I do. Thanks! Message me on here or shoot me...
  3. abell3

    Sponsorship for my late friends Golf Outing.

    Hey guys! I am holding my 2nd annual golf outing for my late best friend Cole. Last year I married my wife! it was a great night until the next morning I got the call that my best friend (who was a groomsman) died in a car accident. Cole went out to the bars after my wedding. He made a tragic...
  4. abell3

    In search of a muzzleloader!

    Anyone have a Remington 700 ML they want to sell? Looking at going smokeless! Sounds like it’s my best option. Thanks!
  5. abell3

    Northeast Iowa farm looking to buy : 50 to 150 acers

    Looking to purchase a farm in Northeast Iowa. No specific area but wanting some great hunting land. Finally convinced the wife! Would appreciate anyones leads. Im on whitetail properties and landwatch. Thanks!
  6. abell3

    Ghost Ten!

    Got it done last Friday on the buck I am now calling the ghost ten. Only had a few trail camera pictures of him in early October. Figured he lived far away and was just wandering. It was one the the best hunts of my life. I watched him for over a couple hours as he bedded upwind. Never thought...
  7. abell3

    Shoulder hit

    Last night shot a buck was quartering away and I believe I hit him in the shoulder area but not sure. Watched him walk away with my arrow in him for about ten Minutes. Then he had a bad limp while walking away. Then after ten minutes he shook his head and ran into think cover.. I'm thinking the...
  8. abell3

    2015 deer mounts!

    Art of The Wild Taxidermy in Waterloo Iowa did an amazing job on my deer! Couldn't be happier with them. Doug is an awesome guy and will make your deer look amazing. Definitely going back to him if I get lucky again this year!
  9. abell3

    Hunting land available

    I guess I can't use the "L" word on This site but anyone know some property or know of someone that has property available for hunting? I'm open to anywhere in Iowa for bow hunting.
  10. abell3

    Lee county

    Hey all, I have a chance to hunt some land near West Point Iowa in Lee county and was wondering if any of you guys know that area well or if any of you hunt around there? I have never hunted around that area and was wanting some input on what you guys think! Thanks.
  11. abell3

    A5 vs. savage 220 thoughts?

    I was just wondering if any of you guys have compared the savage 220 vs the browning A5? Looking at getting a new slug gun and thinking these two are my best options. Looking for any of your thoughts about them. Also if any of you have any for sale let me know would love to buy from fellow hunters!
  12. abell3

    Quest for TRI

    Well it all started in early August when I started hunting a new property and put cameras out. My first camera pull I had this buck on camera. He had three points coming off of his left G2. So me and my good buddy started calling him TRI. Here is the picture below...
  13. abell3

    Quest for Hank! 2015 bow buck

    This season started with me putting out cameras to hopefully find the buck we call Hank! I have had history with this buck for couple years now and I call him Hank because he is a 5 1/2 year old bruiser buck and my grandpas name was Hank. The both have the personality of an old stubborn man...
  14. abell3

    ISO of slug gun scope or new gun

    I currently have a Remington 870 and wanting to put a scope on it for shotgun season. Was wondering if anyone had a scope they really liked they are willing to sell or just know of a great scope for deer hunting. Or I am interested in buying a savage 220. If anyone has one for sale let me know...
  15. abell3

    Bellevue la motte area questons.

    I was wondering if shy of you guys bow hunt the Bellevue la motte area at all? Nice deer in the area? Might have some family ground around there and looking for some advice! Thanks guys!
  16. abell3

    Trail cameras for sale?

    I just acquired some new hunting ground around 160 acres and am looking to buy some used trail cameras. Please let me know if anyone has any for sale. Thanks
  17. abell3

    Northeast iowa taxidermy

    Hey guys just wanting to know if any other north east iowa hunters have taken any deer to Northeast iowa Taxidermy? Carl Stevenson is his name. Just wondering if he does good work or have heard anything about him? Thanks guys
  18. abell3

    Aiming issue

    Tonight I had a very nice buck at ten yards and I put my 20 pin sight on him and the arrow skimmed his back so I missed him. Should I have lower at ten yards?
  19. abell3

    How do i post photos?

    How do I post photos
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