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Search results

  1. whitetailassasin

    Iowa resident question

    To answer a very legitimite question, as long as he can prove he lives in Iowa at least 90 days prior to season and does not purchase a resident hunting license in Florida, he has as much right to a resident deer license as any other resident in this state. Why do some people on here have to cry...
  2. whitetailassasin

    Old Hoyt Raider

    Killed my first 9 deer with an early 1990's Hoyt Super Slam with Heat limbs. #60 max @ 28". Pass-throughs on 6 of them. Shoot a fixed blade broadhead and you'll be dropping deer no problem. Ask the recurve and longbow guys about what they think about needing 350fps to kill a deer and they...
  3. whitetailassasin

    Public Land Timing

    I work with several avid `coon hunters and have found that they regularly hunt deep into the timber where 90% of bow hunters won`t go. Typically this is where my stands are. There is a noticeable difference in buck activity between bow opener and after `coon opener in my area. I plan on hitting...
  4. whitetailassasin

    22 mag

    Believe it or not Scheels in Cedar Falls special ordered me a rifle last year the week after Christmas and I had it early the next week. I'm not saying this is the norm there but it's worth a try.
  5. whitetailassasin

    Muddy vs. Lone Wolf

    Gorilla Scout hx w/ the Muddy sticks. Lone Wolf sticks get in the way because they're too long. The mini sticks from lone wolf come in a three pack and leave me too close to the ground. The Muddy sticks have steps on both sides which make life much easier in my opinion. If you plan on...
  6. whitetailassasin

    Bow tuning?

    He might just be experiencing archer's paradox, the arrow bending against the force of the bow string upon release. Paper tuning only shows what an arrow is doing at a set distance, walk back and bare shaft tuning are more effective for real world tuning imho. If you're hitting at 38, I...
  7. whitetailassasin

    Bow tuning?

    Dave at Double Lung Archery in La Porte city. I'd do it for you but it's the middle of the season and there's a tag burning a hole in my pocket.
  8. whitetailassasin

    Movement Update...

    Good to hear. My spots are quieting down a bit. Gonna go ninja tomorrow with my Gorilla and Muddy sticks. Got an idea where some big boys might be hanging out. Gotta go where the Va-j-j is this time of year. Wasn't sure if you'd figure out who i was til i remembered my equipment list below...
  9. whitetailassasin

    Movement Update...

    Same bucks again Drew? Maybe they'll stick around and get big in a couple years! lol... Saw a four pointer chasing a doe and fawn all around the woods tonight then roughly 7-8 fawns looking like a bunch of lost puppies. Big boys not showing their faces for a few days. Maybe tomorrow........:(
  10. whitetailassasin

    Confessions of a Broadhead Junkie

    Ha ha. The guy asks for some OPINIONS and I gave mine. No reason to hate. Some people need to chillax :) lmao!
  11. whitetailassasin

    Confessions of a Broadhead Junkie

    Tried expandables....yuck. Just a gimmick for a bow that isn't tuned imho. Who needs to worry about a bunch more moving parts? Right now I'm shooting the G5 Montecs. Like em a lot. Re-sharpen all my heads/blades. (Even Muzzy blades if their not bent!) Gonna try the Simmons Sharks this...
  12. whitetailassasin


    What you have there is fairly common. It's a broken arrow head as mentioned earlier. The natives would re-work the head into what's called a halfted scraper. My friend and his father have several of these and they are more common than you'd think as the natives didn't waste materials. Blake...
  13. whitetailassasin

    Questions for the hunters...

    I can shoot does for years to wait for a 170" + buck. Helps that I get basically unlimited population management tags.
  14. whitetailassasin

    Better check your argument

    Not a movie quote, a note to the author of the second article in the above mentioned link. I totally agree. :)
  15. whitetailassasin


    I have a friend who's father has a collection and knowledge far superior to mine. I will ask if he has found any similar heads or knows if these were a common occurrence.
  16. whitetailassasin

    Input on 2 3/4 slugs in 3 1/2 inch chamber.

    This is what I was looking for, real experience. AIR, plenty accurate at 100+ with my sabots with open sights, so I'll keep my rifled barrel. Have a Mossy with a smoothbore w/ rifle sights for my sluggers that's good to 75 and I plan on using that if the situation arises. (Prefer my Remmy...
  17. whitetailassasin

    Better check your argument

    Seems like the second author is unaware of the bill on the table? Definitely confusing:confused:
  18. whitetailassasin

    Input on 2 3/4 slugs in 3 1/2 inch chamber.

    Always bow hunted but last year was talked into shotgun hunting for my first time. (I know that's probably reverse order for most, but it had never really interested me.) I have a Rem. 870 super-mag for just about everything bird related. Bought a 20" Rem rifled slug barrel for it and...
  19. whitetailassasin

    Stalking & Still-Hunting

    Most of my ground kills are public land. Not a land owner and the private ground I do have access to is not large enough to spot and stalk. Stand hunt those areas b/c of the smallish size and the fact that they are all funnel-type pieces of land. Small can be good! Nice thing about the...
  20. whitetailassasin

    Arrow Question

    gunrunr nailed it, nuff said.
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