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Search results

  1. camo658

    WTB: Muddy/LW Sticks

    Johnny, sent you a pm.
  2. camo658

    WTB: Muddy/LW Sticks

    ^ thanks for responding, but I am in need of the lightweight, stackable model of sticks from Muddy.
  3. camo658

    WTB: Muddy/LW Sticks

    Bump - Still Searching..
  4. camo658

    WTB: Muddy/LW Sticks

    Thanks, I just got it and sent you a pm in response.
  5. camo658

    WTB: Muddy/LW Sticks

    I'm wanting to buy set of Muddy or LW set of sticks. Prefer sticks to be close to new/good condition.
  6. camo658


    ^ That's what I'm thinking, too,Rich77. May just be a case of some older does being very protective of their young and bumping the bucks out. it's like you and others said, ' If you have that many does around the property, you shouldn't have anything to be concerned about come pre rut, rut time...
  7. camo658

    Last customer mount for the year

    Very pleasing mount, KB. Thanks for sharing...didn't know you were a taxi.
  8. camo658

    2014 ML buck

    Wow, great story and great mount, Randy! Jim did an excellent job on your deer. He's mature and you got yourself another mount. Success!
  9. camo658

    Some pics from the Iowa Taxidermy show

    Wow, really great work there. You do really clean work, Brian! Those Sitka deer are something else. Haha, kinda resembles a Wookie! Congrats on all your awards.
  10. camo658

    2015 Iowa Taxidermy Show and Competition

    aaack, sorry, Thought they were based on your and KD's earlier replies.
  11. camo658

    2015 Iowa Taxidermy Show and Competition

    Wow, Brian, that is some really great stuff there! That EURO is amazing, Was that your idea or a customers? Great all around regardless!
  12. camo658

    2014 pedestal mount

    Nice Mount, Phens. It sure resembled a coombs.
  13. camo658

    Big Boy Sighting

    Wow, that is a Big Buck. You could tell just by how much higher the rack sits in comparison to his ears that are sticking straight up. Good Mass and Beam Length.
  14. camo658

    2012 Archery Buck

    Haha, totally understandable. With how things are going, in this country, let alone the world, I don't blame you for wanting to reach for hard stuff. Or maybe your doing so because your married? :D:drink1:
  15. camo658

    2012 Archery Buck

    Thanks for giving your perspective. I was beginning to wonder when you would. Do you think there was a possible mix up at the tannery? And HD, thanks for clarifying that. It just kinda came off that way and I wanted to stir away from that.
  16. camo658

    2012 Archery Buck

    I understand where you are coming from, HD. I really do. But I just didn’t feel the need to come down on him (or rub it in) for making the choice he did. I didn’t think it would of made the situation any better than it is . If it was his only mount, than yes, I would be pissed for him, but the...
  17. camo658

    Anyone ever hear of Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus in wild deer

    LMAO, Daver! Idk, imo, the combination of those elements would bring the most manliest of men to their knees.
  18. camo658

    Anyone ever hear of Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus in wild deer

    LOL Wow, that's a graphic word picture. Did you have any TP?
  19. camo658

    2012 Archery Buck

    Personally, Judging from his other mounts, I think he has a guy set aside that does a quality job to the deer he really wants to appear good. It's probably something where his friend just started taxidermy, and wanted provide his friend another opportunity to put his skills to the test or to...
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