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Search results

  1. rutnstrut

    Hunter match

    Anyone looking to see how you could do in a PRS type shoot with your iowa legal deer gun? Check out this link, sounds like a good time https://www.brinkexcursions.com/store/p343/2022HUNTERMATCH.html
  2. rutnstrut

    Scopes for sale

    I have a few scopes for sale thought Id post them here in hopes of avoiding shipping. Most have very little use and all work as they should just doing some swapping around and upgrading Burris Signature HD series 5-25×50 2nd focal plane with Leupold PRW2 low rings and a bubble level. This was on...
  3. rutnstrut


    Anybody still getting velvet pics??? Got this lil fella this morning, definitely the latest I remember ever getting velvet pics still Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
  4. rutnstrut

    Reveal cam

    Anybody running a reveal camera set to take more than 1 pic? Ive got mine set to take 3 shot bursts but they only send the 1st lic in the series.
  5. rutnstrut

    Gearhead B36 fully loaded

    Not mine... Listing for a buddy Practically brand new fully loaded Gearhead B36... Just shot in the yard a few times, never even seen the timber. Draw length adjustable from 25.5-31.5" currently set at 27" Draw weight adjustable from 66-75lbs Comes with- Spot hog hunter 5 pin .019 wrapped...
  6. rutnstrut

    Linked trail cams???

    What is the best option for a linked trail camera system these days? One that several cams can send all the pics to one specific cam or a "home unit" Non cellular as I have zero service in some areas. I was going to try some cuddelink cams but I was told that they eat batteries like crazy.
  7. rutnstrut

    Fish finders

    Ok help a guy out, Ive never had or even used a decent fish finder that wasnt 15yrs old so Im needing help narrowing down what I need and what might just be a waste. Ive got a 20' mod-v outboard jet that has only seen river use and mostly just catfishing in the 3-4yrs Ive had it but I might get...
  8. rutnstrut

    Boat/anchor question

    Ok Ive got a question for you fishing and boat gurus... Ive got a 20'x60" 5° mod-v Id like to be able to keep sideways in river current. Ive always just tied the front end up to a log jam or something on the bank, how big of an anchor am I going to need to keep the rear from swinging down...
  9. rutnstrut

    Chalk free box call

    Anybody have any luck finding any good sounding chalk free box calls? I use to use Woods Wise Mystic box calls and still have one but its all but worn out trying to find a good alternative Anybody have any Woods Wise Mystic box calls still new or in good condition they want to get rid of???
  10. rutnstrut

    Shoulder mount ideas

    Im looking for a form that has a really hard turn to really show off one side. Ive got a Joe Meder profile pedestal and a couple of these mckenzie mounts like in the pic but just wondering what other options there are. If anyone has a mount with a hard turn Id love to see a head on view straight...
  11. rutnstrut

    Duck boat lights

    Anybody running any stupid bright "headlights" on their duck boat set ups? Was looking into the Southern Lite LEDs but cant dicide which model... I was hoping someone here might have one or another really bright option
  12. rutnstrut

    Scope mount/ring issue

    I just got this CVA Scout V2 in 45-70 as a smokless muzzy conversion but the scope base it comes with only has a couple cross bolts slots really limiting scope placement. Ive got the rings in the farthest forward slots and the scope pushed as far forward in them as possible which I think that...
  13. rutnstrut

    Remington 11-87 cantilever slug gun

    Ok I got a chance to price some used 11-87s at scheels and the gun show this weekend... Even talked with the owner of Sieh Guns and he told me I should be able to get at least $500 out of the gun alone... Ive already taken the Aimpoint off and moved it to my turkey gun so it is not available. I...
  14. rutnstrut

    Pulsar Trail XP38 thermal

    Ive got a brand new in box never used or mounted Pulsar Trail XP38 thermal scope with all factory accessories and 3yr factory warranty for sale... Retails for 4500 plus tax, if you can find one in stock $4000/OBO
  15. rutnstrut

    Gun for sale

    Ive got a very lightly used Ruger American rifle in .30-06 with a Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14×42 scope on it that is up for grabs. I bought it for something light weight and fairly cheap to keep in my truck for coyotes but ended up getting an AR itch so this has only been in the field one weekend...
  16. rutnstrut

    Recovering someone elses deer

    This pic look familiar to anyone? A guy I know shot this deer 1st season and spent two days looking for it. He pulled up on a group of hunters today and stopped to ask them to keep an eye out for it only to find out they had already found it and cut the head off to keep for themselves... The...
  17. rutnstrut

    Slug gun optics???

    So I've got a Remington 11-87 slug gun with a cantilever slug barrel that I havent used since straight cased rifles were legalized... I already stole the Aimpoint off of it for my turkey gun so its naked without any kind of sight. I was wondering what "economical" options there are out there for...
  18. rutnstrut

    XOP sticks

    Anybody use XOP climbing sticks? If so whats your opinion on them? Ive heard they had some failures/hardware breaking problems in the past... Im hoping its a thing of the past. Im nust tured of my boots slipping off of the small LW climbing stick steps when my boots are wet/muddy/snowy... It...
  19. rutnstrut

    .556 AR-15 upper and optic

    Ive decided to build an AR-10 in 6.5mm Creedmoor so Ive got a new unfired .556mm/.223 AR-15 upper and scope with mount Im thinking about selling. The upper is an AR-Stoner 5.56mm 1-9" twist upper, I swapped out the stock plastic handguard for an AR-Stoner 15.5" freefloat M-LOK one. The optic...
  20. rutnstrut

    PSA - AR-15 pistols

    Just a heads up to try and save someone some trouble this year... The IDNR in their usual fashion has added a new hidden law regarding AR-15 pistols for deer hunting and for whatever reason didnt include it in the published regulations. AR-15 pistols are not legal in any caliber or any form for...
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