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  1. ShedHunter1


    First of all Muzzy has left the 20!! Muzzy gets his name because of the 2013 bow season, my brother Mike hit him high and he was using a muzzy broadhead inwhich tonight showed that was still in there and in great shape. Muzzy was a regular in the 20. Since the day I harvested the Fox buck, Muzzy...
  2. ShedHunter1

    The Fox

    I call this the "Fox" buck! He has a blondish red tint to him. I have been getting pictures of this buck all seasons long. From picking 2 right side sheds up off him over the past years to velvet and hard horn pictures of him. As many of you know I bowhunt my 20 acres. Yes, 20 acres. I have...
  3. ShedHunter1

    Cool Picture

    Thought this one was neat witht the twins and the protective mother.
  4. ShedHunter1

    Neat Experience

    Had a pretty cool thing happen today. Took the kids to the farm today to check on the Clover plots after the first cutting and as we were riding the 4-wheeler down a a trail a doe jumps up and runs about 40 ft and just stands there. We look and here there is a fresh set of twins laying there in...
  5. ShedHunter1

    Last Satuday Bird

    Last Saturday morning I got a chance to get out after the turks again. Well the moon was lit like day and I heard just a few options but the were really sounding off at the otherside of our farm so back to the truck I walked. Just about to my truck a tom gobbles! I was like wow, hes close. I...
  6. ShedHunter1

    Opening Day Success!!

    Man here we go again!!:) What a day! Started out yesterday driving 2hrs. to the farm I late muzzleload on. My farmer friend said I was crazy and told me to sit in the truck till the last hour and half before sunset. Thats when the bucks come out. Well at 2:30 I scratched all the snow off a...
  7. ShedHunter1

    Happy Birthday Panther!!! :)

    Everyone give a big Happy B-Day to the old Panther, Ben or AKA- 'Longspurs'! Happy Birthday Panther! Have a few for me!!:drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1::drink1:
  8. ShedHunter1

    Short-tine 10 has hit the ground!

    My neighbor harvested the old boy this morning. I aged him at 6 1/2 with all the past pictures and sheds. It was fun watching him grow up and chasing after him. He wanted to kill my neighbors DSD decoy. Throwing dirt over his back and dang near smashing the decoy. We still have a few shooters...
  9. ShedHunter1

    Short-Tine 10

    I had to post this buck for Skully, and to all that followed the shed contest this past Jan.-March. Hes not getting any younger and neither am I. LOL He has gotten a lot more mass and a little more to his main beams but thats about it. He also isn't sporting his droptine this year. But in return...
  10. ShedHunter1

    Where Do I Begin

    Oh this has been a cat and mouse with this buck. First it all begins on my big 20 acres that I own and do all my hunting on. Its just one of those propertys in the right place. I first got pictures of Droptine in Sept. and thought wow that buck is messed up! He was now on the hit list with three...
  11. ShedHunter1

    Help Wanted

    Thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone was looking for a job to pay for hunting goodies! We are looking for Mason Labors for a school we just started today. We have over 50,000 block to lay before winter and that isn't counting all the brick we have to lay next year. This school...
  12. ShedHunter1

    Split G-2

    Thought this one was cool of the split g-2 buck. As you can see our food plots are thriving compared to other parts of Iowa. 2 weeks ago we recieved over 2inches of rain last week we recieved close to 2inches of rain and this morning woke to thunder and rain for about 20min. I'm sure not to long...
  13. ShedHunter1

    Out of Velvet

    Anyone else have any out of velvet? Got this guy and hes allready off the hit list! :grin:
  14. ShedHunter1

    Happy B-Day 6x6!!

    Happy Birthday Joe or AKA '6x6'!! Have a few :drink1: or :drink2:!! 'Sheddogger'
  15. ShedHunter1

    Father-n-Law Gets it Done!

    My father-n-law finally gets r done! Last year was his first year turkey hunting and we didn't have no luck 4th season and second season of this year again no luck. I didn't get a chance to go fourth until this morning with him. My father-n-law got back from Chicago late last night and was at...
  16. ShedHunter1

    Velvet Buck!!

    A few weeks ago people were saying how a few bucks had'nt dropped got this picture today of the starts of his new antlers!! Crazy! I told the wife it starts all over again! she replied and said it never ends! LOL :grin:
  17. ShedHunter1

    Last Day and Hour Bird!

    3rd season has been hard on our farm so I pulled off and went to a different farm. Never seen this before but all the mature birds left. I can here them a mile away in other timbers. There is about 8 jakes running around going girl crazy!:grin: I ended up going to a different farm yesterday...
  18. ShedHunter1

    Dont Dare Cross The Line!

    Ha thought it was a cool picture:grin:
  19. ShedHunter1

    Whats for supper!

    Going through old pictures at the farm today and found this one I believe it was early 2000. The doe was knicknamed scars. She had a huge scar on her shoulder. This is not photoshopped I would have no clue how to do that. LOL I did try to fix the red eyes. She had a set of twins this year and...
  20. ShedHunter1

    Here Birdy!

    Goin through pictures and thought this one was pretty cool!
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