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Search results

  1. Grubby

    Late November Bow Buck- fun hunt!!

    What a beast. Congrats!
  2. Grubby

    11/20/22 buck

    Awesome buck, congrats!
  3. Grubby

    2022 IA public land 8 point

    Great looking buck! Way to trust your instinct and make that move.
  4. Grubby

    2022 buck

    Congrats on an old brute!
  5. Grubby

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Had the buck I'm after coming straight down the hill tonight at 5pm. 50 yards he either saw or smelled something he didn't like, turned and walked back up. Back to the drawing board I guess. Saw two other good bucks this morning, all were alone. Sure felt brisk with 5 degree wind chill!
  6. Grubby

    Veterans Day Same Tree Back to Back

    The old kill tree! Congrats on a great buck. Your "leave it all out there" style is an inspiration.
  7. Grubby

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Last two days have been excellent, lots of movement late into the morning. Came to full draw but passed on a very heavy beamed 155 8 point yesterday at 9 when he chased a doe directly under the stand. Really cool buck and had he had better brows I may have had to let him have it. This...
  8. Grubby

    2022 Buck

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  9. Grubby

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    My little corner of the farm was on fire this morning. Saw eight bucks, two mature. One had himself a lady and the other was cruising. Right past one of my other stands of course. Chasing, fighting, rubbing, and scraping, best morning I've had in a long time!
  10. Grubby

    Alex's 1st archery deer

    You must be one proud papa. Congratulations to you both!
  11. Grubby

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Lots of youngsters on the move today in SW Iowa. Been steady all morning and just had two running a doe pretty hard not long ago. Assuming most of the big boys are laid up somewhere with one.
  12. Grubby

    Absolute World Class Typical

    Incredible. Truly amazing to know that animals like that are out there walking around. Congratulations to all involved and well done!!
  13. Grubby

    Blood trailing dog SW Iowa

    Unfortunately I never had any responses.
  14. Grubby

    Blood trailing dog SW Iowa

    Had a friend post on there for me, thank you.
  15. Grubby

    Blood trailing dog SW Iowa

    Thanks Elvis, I've spoken with the only guy on there within 100 miles.
  16. Grubby

    Blood trailing dog SW Iowa

    Anyone know anyone for hire near SW Iowa? Pottowattomie County.
  17. Grubby

    Largemouth bass limits & thinning on ponds?

    I have always wondered if throwing ONE big flathead in a stunted pond would work. Not sure how many they would eat in a day, week, etc.
  18. Grubby

    The buck named Carter- 10-03-2019

    Congrats on a giant! Consecutive 200" bucks?! Do you offer free hunting advice?
  19. Grubby

    Got it done early this year

    Congrats on a beast of a buck! Big brows are one of my favorite characteristics.
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