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Search results

  1. THA4

    Iowa Sportsman

    And no, not "big time" In fact, I had an episode in the woods today--or two--that used up all my TP and baby wipes, and a pocket was sacrificed... #SomeThingsNeverChange #DamnCaseysPizza
  2. THA4

    Iowa Sportsman

    Always lurking ... Bass will always be a ways down the list from that of a muskie. One is the king of fish, the other is, well, lesser. :D
  3. THA4

    Late Rut success

    That's a giant. Nice work, young man!
  4. THA4

    2016 BBD Self Filmed

    That was fun! Congrats!
  5. THA4

    Buck down!

    You guys are good at shooting big deer, period. I'm glad you family's passion is so well maintained. Congrats on another fine buck, my friend!
  6. THA4

    Double on the 30th

    Great work men--as usual!!!
  7. THA4

    Indiana Truck Ride

    Great buck, Jarin!
  8. THA4

    Addies first deer

    That's Just Awesome
  9. THA4

    Drew is on the board!

    Good work, men!!
  10. THA4

    If you could do it over again .

    It would have been a lot harder to leave owned land. Can't argue with that. Honestly, not sure I'd change much--maybe a few things about myself and the way I approached the sport. But the intensity I pursued it with for as long as I did actually has helped sustain me in my recent life...
  11. THA4

    Bird #2 is a little bigger

    dandy bird! congrats!!!
  12. THA4

    Grace's first turkey and a end to my 2014 season

    I love the excitement that you are passing along to your kids. Keep it up!! Congrats all the way around!
  13. THA4

    Best season yet!

    Awesome! you do get it done every year! congrats to you and the boys.
  14. THA4

    Mid-Day WI Bird

    Congrats again!!
  15. THA4

    Awesome Day!!

    HA! That was awesome! Great work!
  16. THA4

    Great Season So Far!

    Been a pretty good season so far--even though Nebraska whooped me good this year (headed back out there at the end of this week hoping to clean up). I shot a nice bird on video (yet to be produced) on a return trip to Iowa (miss it here... ) Then I was treated to an awesome roost hunt with...
  17. THA4

    Best solo hunt of my life, EVER.

    Best ever is right! :way:
  18. THA4

    High Rack 10

    Missed this one. Oops. Very cool buck, and love the history!
  19. THA4

    Finally! BBD! Not a bobcat this time LOL.

    Awesome buck!!! :way: Congrats!
  20. THA4

    Nov 8th All Day Sit Buck

    Ya, he's cool!!!
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