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Search results

  1. Two Beards

    Movement Update...

    Got out at 3 today and hunted on the backside of a brushy ridge. Sheltered from most of the wind. Saw movement the entire sit, mainly browsing. 15-20 does and fawns along with a couple of 1 yr old dinks stirring things up from time to time. Saw deer everywhere in the ditches along the road on...
  2. Two Beards

    stand moving

    Go for it, you need to get them hung in what you believe to be the best spots. Try and get several wind directions covered. Though it's not my main farm, on Wednesday I hung 2 new stands. Had plenty of chainsaw work to do also - to open some shooting lanes. I'd have preferred to have it done...
  3. Two Beards

    Twist of Fate

    Always nice to have some good fortune...to offset the bad. Great story, great buck & great job! :way:
  4. Two Beards


    Super buck! Great job and congrats!:way:
  5. Two Beards

    Hunting with the cattle

    A few years ago I hunted central Illinois during the 2nd week of November. The farm I hunted had cattle everywhere. I can't say it was a great week, but I think that had more to do with the fact the farm was hunted before I got there. The thing I remember most is watching bucks on the move...
  6. Two Beards

    H1N1 Buck

    Great buck. ....nice how the biggest deer end up in the deepest ravines:mad: Nice job - congrats!
  7. Two Beards

    prairie/wildflower seed?

    Muddy I try and collect seeds each summer while out hanging stands or working food plots. Each trip I find the seedheads that are ready and snip off a few heads and throw them in a empty sandwich bag. As soon as I get home I put them in either envelopes or small brown lunch bags (to avoid mold)...
  8. Two Beards

    Need your help/opinion.

    Simple way to save $$$. Seems smaller would be the way to go
  9. Two Beards

    Life and Times of a BIG Saskatchewan Whitetail...

    Awesome pics. Great story. Super buck. One of, if not the best, story w/pics added I've ever read...here or anywhere alse! Thanks for sharing and a big congrats to you and Jason!
  10. Two Beards

    Anyone strop their blades?

    Excellent topic. I know I would learn something.
  11. Two Beards

    The Walking Double Bull

    Congrats Limb. Great story & pics!
  12. Two Beards

    First Spring Archery Turkey

    Great job and congrats on your archery harvest! I'm convinced having 'Pretty Boy' in the deke setup is the way to go!
  13. Two Beards

    Don Higgins?

    Very informative. Love the fact that he appears to be a 'ordinary guy' who, through hard work and sacrifices, has become a extraordinary hunter of mature whitetails. No 'BS'in this book...calls things like he sees them
  14. Two Beards

    HUSH Donations

    5 more does makes it 38
  15. Two Beards

    fleece - burrs, stickems and repairs

    Here you go Pharmer... http://www.burzoff.com/
  16. Two Beards

    fleece - burrs, stickems and repairs

    I've had mine for several years now. I actually have 2 with one being a little more coarse than the other. They were prototypes at the time but don't imagine they are too different now. I was told they are made from recycled glass...which is amazing considering how well they work. Most...
  17. Two Beards

    Lighted Nocks???

    I switched to the lumenoks on my Axis arrows. Great for low-light. There is 13 grains difference between the x-nocks and the lumenoks, no arrow flight variance out to 45 yds in my case. Only problem I've had is they can be a real pain sometimes to 'turn off'. Also, I have one that is much...
  18. Two Beards

    2006 Doe Harvest

    + 2 more = 217
  19. Two Beards

    2006 Doe Harvest

    ...2 more = 193
  20. Two Beards

    Scrapes are gettin hot

    That first buck is a hawg...great pics! Thanks for posting. You have to like that daytime pic on the 24th
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