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  1. bcuarcher

    Help me pick days for 2018

    It varies based on location. This year, our cameras showed the most mature bucks moving on our property between Oct 28-Nov 8, then it was dead for a couple weeks, and picked up again after Thanksgiving. Late November had better daylight mature buck movement
  2. bcuarcher

    Illegal to intentionally screw with someone's hunt?

    x2 Sounds like this would be the best option for now
  3. bcuarcher

    How many farms/properties do you hunt?

    was limited to public for the past 5 years since moving to a new area, but just picked up permission for a very small (10 acre) property that has not been hunted to the landowner's knowledge (legally). It's close to home and bowhunting only, should be no problem to shoot a couple does on at least
  4. bcuarcher

    Thoughts On Scrapes

    I don't think scrapes are necessarily a destination point for bucks, but they will visit them if they happen to be along their intended path. I use scrapes mainly as a spot to hang a camera to inventory what is around, but don't focus on them to hunt over. They can be an added bonus to your...
  5. bcuarcher

    Wildlife prints

    I am by no means an expert but while researching lately I have seen most Zach prints asking $300-$350 framed. If they are getting asking price, I have no idea. Did see one go for $100 framed but it was snatched up pretty quick before I could get to it.
  6. bcuarcher

    Deer movement update thread

    Been a disappointing season here, only able to hunt a few times due to family obligations and haven't seen an antler while on stand. Cameras were very slow all season and not nearly as good of bucks as years past. My last opportunity to hunt first season was this morning and found my new...
  7. bcuarcher

    My 2016 Halloween buck!

    Awesome buck, congrats!
  8. bcuarcher

    Deer movement update thread

    My first hunt of the year was Saturday morning until almost noon, only saw 3 fawns. Cameras showed very little activity in the area so I moved them. Won't get out again until this weekend so hopefully movement picks up and the weather cools down by then. Public land
  9. bcuarcher

    Frustrated to no other.

    If you heard a thud you hit him, did you mark where ran back into the woods? Start searching around there and you should find blood eventually. Good luck!
  10. bcuarcher

    Big bucks in city.

    Big bucks are common inside city limits, where hunting is limited and they are able to mature. When doing doe control hunts in Davenport for a few years I always had numerous mature bucks on camera, but they seemed to be even more nocturnal due to the commotion and human interaction of being in...
  11. bcuarcher

    Makes me mad

    One thing I can't stand is vandals and thieves. I don't have lock boxes on my cams (this is making me re-think that) but I have started hanging them higher in the trees to where if they want to mess with it they need to have a climbing stick with them to reach it.
  12. bcuarcher

    Public land Union/Ringgold border area

    http://programs.iowadnr.gov/maps/huntingatlas/default.html The online hunting atlas the DNR added recently is a great resource. I believe it shows both state and county properties.
  13. bcuarcher

    Ever Calm Scents

    Agree with above statements. Tried the herd in a stick last year on a few hunts, put some on boots for walk in and on tree while in stand. Nothing profound for results but didn't have any deer spook from smelling me. The one occasion where I know I had a deer downwind, a doe circled around me...
  14. bcuarcher

    Best Spots for Bowhunting Iowa Trophy Bucks

    I think the IDNR realizes what surrounding states' greed (Illinois, Kansas, etc) did to their hunting and will take steps to avoid the same situations. Hopefully.....
  15. bcuarcher

    Daughter's First Turkey

    Great job!
  16. bcuarcher

    Anchor point

    Consistency is the key, if you can consistently find the same anchor every time you will be accurate. Try practicing with a hood or cold weather clothes and see if you have trouble finding the same anchor quickly. If it's fine, leave it alone. That being said, being able to put your thumb...
  17. bcuarcher

    Landmark day

    I've always parked at the furthest west train station and bought a one day pass for train/bus, then use a combination to get to Wrigley and wherever else you want to go
  18. bcuarcher

    Landmark day

    There's little doubt we will be a playoff team, it's just a matter of how they play once there. Hopefully the experience the young guys gained last year will pay off!
  19. bcuarcher

    basement project

    Looks awesome, that's a great idea!
  20. bcuarcher

    My test result update

    Way to go, congrats!
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