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Search results

  1. Skully

    John Deere 1008 Rotary Mower

    Did thus sell? Do you have any pics?
  2. Skully

    Trapping update

    We averaged $4 on our coon hides this year. The market is hurting right now.
  3. Skully

    2015.........A New Beginning

    You have officially lost an entire Skully! :) It is a great testament of your will power and drive Jay! Congrats sir , you look great!
  4. Skully

    The Bully

    Good work Muddy! Great buck and a heck of a shot! I'm sure Pops was smiling down on ya that morning!
  5. Skully

    11-20-15 Buck

    He's a tall, heavy one! Congrats Brent!
  6. Skully

    Finalled killed 10/29

    Great buck, congrats!
  7. Skully

    10-4-2015 Iowa Bow Buck

    Good job kid, heck of a deer!
  8. Skully

    HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!

    Chip off the old block! Great job!
  9. Skully

    B's first buck !

    Atta boy! Congrats!
  10. Skully

    No hands buck

    Good one Perry, congrats man!
  11. Skully

    Nice night...

    Way to go Daver! What a great buck!
  12. Skully

    Sligh1 - October 1 Buck, Great Opener! "REST OF THE STORY"....

    Helluva buck Skip! I must say I'm not surprised at your succss, you definitely know the recipe!
  13. Skully

    Blaster (Iowawhitetails poster child for safty!) NOT

    Wow Derek! That was a close one, could have been much worse! Glad you are on the mend!
  14. Skully

    28 Years Later

    Very cool! Something that you won't ever forget!
  15. Skully

    They're Back!

    You are doing something right kid! Good looking bucks there!
  16. Skully

    HeartAttack in 2013..... true Monarch

    Wow! Amazing work of nature's art! Congrats to your father on a deer of a lifetime!
  17. Skully

    Still packing.

    Great pic Kaare! We had a gentleman from Saskatoon, SK stop by my place of business last week and he said it was colder than a well-diggers @$$ in the Klondike up there! :) Made me chuckle. Hope the chocolate starts hitting the ground for you soon!
  18. Skully

    Dad's Late Muzz Buck

    Heck of a buck! Congrats to the old timer! ;)
  19. Skully

    More meat in the freezer!

    Good work! Feels good to have some meat in the freezer this time of year!
  20. Skully

    last minute muzz

    Good job! That is some great shooting!
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