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Search results

  1. PYBucks

    TC omega question

    Yep Blackhorn 209 plus the Barnes T-EZ bullets are the way to go for Thompson Centers. I use 90 grains by volume.
  2. PYBucks


    Almost too bright, you'll use one of the lower settings most of the time. https://www.fenix-store.com/fenix-hp25r-led-headlamp/
  3. PYBucks

    Non-Resident Deer Tag lottery results

    In the past they have drawn as early as June 20-25th
  4. PYBucks

    NR Archery Odds

    You're correct Zim. Even if the DNR posted all the numbers there are guys like me that had two points last year and didn't apply cuz there was no chance of drawing. How many guys like me will apply this year?
  5. PYBucks

    NR Archery Odds

    Based on last years stats, somewhere less than 75%. 25% of the tags last year went to people with 4+ points.
  6. PYBucks

    Remington 11-87 12 ga. fully rifled slug barrel

    Cantilever mount. Matte finish. Shot less than 20 times Looks just like this one in link below. $175 tyd Tim http://www.midwayusa.com/product/256585/remington-slug-barrel-remington-11-87-special-purpose-deer-12-gauge-3-21-rifled-cantilever-mount-matte
  7. PYBucks


    Love mine. Built like a tank. Never noticed or heard that they're loud.
  8. PYBucks

    Non-Resident draw

    Application period is in May through first Sunday in June. Points are $55 They can apply as individuals or as a group. Start buying points next year, currently you need 3 points to draw but the trend is heading towards 4. So they're looking at 2020 or 2021.
  9. PYBucks

    John Deere 1008 Rotary Mower

    Selling my JD 1008 10' Mower, 1000 pto Less then 20 hrs on it since new clutch and gear box in 2015 Used the past 5 years to mow firebreaks around my CRP Extra set of brand new blades included Located in Decatur county $3500 obo text 734-255-9361 for picture Thanks Tim
  10. PYBucks

    Kewanee Cultipacker

    Selling my Kewanee 16' culitpacker. I think it's a Kewanee 88, looks just like this one: http://www.fastline.com/v100/Kewanee-cultimulcher-KILMER-FARM-EQUIPMENT-VERSAILLES-MO-equipment-detail-695c7cf1-7ca9-4f51-8ec6-73aa540304ee.aspx $3250 OBO Mechanically sound, replaced bearings last year...
  11. PYBucks

    Should I clean Muzzleloader?

    Use Blackhorn 209, measure by volume, 90 grains. Shot my Encore yesterday after loading it November 15th (21 days), went off without an issue and it's been in and out of the house 7 times. I've been doing this for 25 years and never a sign hangfire.
  12. PYBucks

    draw results

    Which Zone?
  13. PYBucks

    Bale Blinds

    Better stake it down real good. Buddy of mine built his like that and it turned into a tumble weed. We built ours with a really heavy base made from plywood over a bunch of 2x4's, zero issues. Tim
  14. PYBucks

    Question for NR's

    Been a NRLO since 2003. Live in one of the best counties in southern Michigan and it still stinks compared to our ground in Iowa. I haven’t hunted in Michigan in November in 15 years. I’ve hunted deer in Iowa 04, 06, 07, 10, 12, 13. This past November I didn’t really notice much of a decline...
  15. PYBucks

    Flashlights, What to buy

    Unbelievably bright. Just wish you could focus the beam but it will still light up an entire field for 250-300 yards.
  16. PYBucks

    Eberlestock packs

    My X2 did the same thing, I wrapped the frame with hockey tape, problem solved.
  17. PYBucks

    Eberlestock packs

    I have the X2 and it might a little big for most days during October in the midwest but having a little extra pack never hurts. Come November and late season I usually strap my jacket and insulation layer to the outside when walking in. I've even strapped a popup blind and two chairs to mine...
  18. PYBucks

    Price of NR spring turkey permit?

    Something like $125. You also need a hunting license $100 and a habitat stamp $13 Application period opens January 1
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