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Search results

  1. B

    Wanted Mossberg 535 barrel wanted

    Looking for barrel only non rifled with mossy oak camo pattern
  2. B

    NW Newbie

    Welcome fellow NW hunter
  3. B

    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    I hope so because people like that give good honest hunters a bad wrap.. and pretty soon unless its family no one will let you hunt private.
  4. B

    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    So i get gun season. Yea sure 12g, 20g, 350 legend, 450 bushmaster, 45-70 why not.. to me those are skilled guns.. why in earth do you and buddies need to backback mountian on four wheelers with hi point carbine type guns chasing deer shooting randomly.. man some people should get the privilage...
  5. B

    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    Thank you.. Being the first hunting season in 15 years for me makes it quite discouraging and makes one want to ask them self why they want to hunt when there are guys like that. But there is always one guy or group of guys that think they are entitled to everything. And private land is so hard...
  6. B

    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    I just want the meat too. I am wanting jerky and sausage
  7. B

    Gun Season Brings out the Worst

    Here is one for you.. and im quite excuse mr language but pissed the hell off. Today yes opening day 2nd gun season. I made it out early to a place close to home Browns Lake/Bigelow Park. I am solo no group. I snuck out into sone cover between two fields and a nice doe came within range i took...
  8. B

    Pheasants 2022

    Had a decent morning yesterday. Good haul for first time out in 15 years. . Thats a little video my friend took from his go pro
  9. B

    gun season and pressure

    Thats some smart thinking. Im gunna do 2nd shotgun and late archery on some public ground maybe if i use that advise ill get a successful harvest
  10. B

    Hunting friends

    Thanks for the help guys. Its been a tough one getting back into hunting after a 15 year break. Im half lost anymore haha.
  11. B

    Hunting friends

    I guess.
  12. B

    New here

    It will be my first time out hunting in 15 years. Due to an accident that took alot of recoveryand well caught up in working to hard and not enjoying my hobbies.
  13. B

    Hunting friends

    Anyone near sioux city looking for a pal to hunt with?
  14. B

    Pheasants 2022

    Is there anyone still hunting pheasant up and around nw ia.. id love to get out knocking birds with some people.
  15. B

    New here

    Hey im Bill. New to the sight and struggling with my first hunting season in 15 years.. sometimes i feel unsafe because i go alone. I am from sioux city. This is a great looking sight.
  16. B

    First hunt in 15 years

    Hey all my name is Bill. Getting excited for my firts hunt after 15 year. Been trying to get ready. No clue where to go none of my friends hunt so ive been trying to find somewhere to deer turkey and pheasant hunt and no luck. Can anyone point a guy in the right direction. Or if your looking...
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