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Search results

  1. msalow

    My new Facebook Page

    If you have time please check out my new Facebook Page If you guys don't remember I donated a rod to last years turkey contest my facebook page is Juny's Custom Fishing Rods Check it out and like me if you want Thanks
  2. msalow

    Walleyes & Saugers

    Anybody have any info if Guttenberg is open to boats yet? Are they biteing? :confused:
  3. msalow

    Changing the crossbow season?

    10-4 :thrwrck:
  4. msalow

    Changing the crossbow season?

    I'm going to jump in and say a couple of things: 1. I have been bow hunting scince the late 60's seen the same thing when compounds came out and were gaining in popularity now look at today compounds are capable of killing deer at 100+ yrds but that is a total diff discussion. 2. Most of the...
  5. msalow

    Which ice fishing flasher?

    If you want the Vex. check out Reeds Sports Google them they always run deals on vex. and no sales tax to Iowa res.
  6. msalow

    Anybody Ever Ice Fished Lake Of The Woods?

    We have used a guide at Ballards resort with great fishing over the years His name is Kent he will do you good. Will put you on the fish walleyes and perch. we will be goining again soon also. Good Luck you will hav a great time!!
  7. msalow

    .243 ammo

    I shoot the 75 grn hornaday v-max moly out of my remington 742 deadly out to 300 yrds don't tear up the pelts either. I handload using Hodgdon 4350 powder
  8. msalow

    Primos = Customer Service!

    I have had good things from Primos also. I had a small turkey call the kind that you can hold in your hand while holding your gun IT was my father inlaws (now dead) and it had the spring broken I called Primos to see if I could get a new spring and had Will answer the phone. needless to saw they...
  9. msalow

    Back to the old way....???

    Was not county but the state was divided into 9 zones you picked your zone and that is where you hunted. some zones had more "any sex" tag than others.
  10. msalow

    Ten year drought is over!

    Great Job !! Great Story. I can relate to you waiting for 10 yrs it's been 6 since I shot a buck.
  11. msalow

    Leigh kit for knight disc & Big Horn

    Can anyone tell me more about this and possibly where to get them? Thanks in advance
  12. msalow

    Bleep!!! I forgot my........

    Over the years I don't think there is anything I haven't forgot at least once everything from gun, bow, arrows, lic., boots primers, bino's grunt tube rattling horns. I don't know how I ever have killed a deer. The thing I forget nowdays is the tool to cock my crossbow Just can't remember to...
  13. msalow

    1st Bow Buck-Nov 15

    How cool is that !! Way to go to make it happen I know I should do this more also. Great Job!
  14. msalow

    BH209 Cleaner?

    Beleive it or not I use a medicated pad used for pimples from Walmart they work very good to start the cleaning process go threw using each side of the pad once then a couple of dry ones then the water soaked cleaning patch then dry to finish then oiled pad. (they are cheaper than the bore...
  15. msalow


    In 35 yrs of deer hunting I have had more bad than good responses using scent. I feel like 180 the best scent would be going downwind of you ie the deer winding you with the scent and educating them to your stand and also it could be alerting them that the hot scent and human are together. Just...
  16. msalow

    When are you taking vacation to hunt?

    Retired, Hunt whenever I want I will do some all day sits next week. Haven't seen to much activity yet have seen more mature bucks early and late no chasing tho.
  17. msalow


    I do the same thing. For me it works like a charm. When they come in they are focused on the ground more than looking around. I have used this method for prob the last 10 yrs. I read about it in NAW a long time ago. I have every issue from the getgo. It amazing the things I have read in that mag...
  18. msalow

    Scent dissipation

    I beleive it would depend on how hard the wind is blowing if it a strong (15-25) I think they would have a hard time getting your scent. but with a lighter wind I feel it is easier. I my exp. the lay of trees and brush ect. all have an effect on wind with less wind it has more of a chance to...
  19. msalow

    New to the site.. not IA deer!

    Welcome to Iowa Whitetail and man what a pig!! Love the backwards antler
  20. msalow

    Old timer deer hunters

    Great thread!! I started with a shotgun in 1970 like everyone else always got a "buckonly" tag I don't think I ever drew a "any sex" tag in the lottery. I statred bowhunting in about 1974 or so my first bow was a Browning Excellerator round wheel bow w/ 50% letoff Top of the line in those days...
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