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Search results

  1. stringleech

    My first early Oct buck - "Custer"

    Hey Brent,, that's a nice one,, great one to add to that collection you got going.. well done.
  2. stringleech

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    So anyone have any big buck pics,,,,:po_O:rolleyes:
  3. stringleech

    Iowa NR Draw

    where are the worst areas for EHD, ive heard its more in the southern part of Iowa?
  4. stringleech


    2 or maybe 1 ;)
  5. stringleech


    what sucks even more is they lowered the quota by 50% where I go,, so there are 31 tags available for 107 guys who didn't draw last year..But I agree with the residents, I would rather wait another year then see it get overrun with NR. And it is true lower price means more. IM blessed that I met...
  6. stringleech

    Hunt report / Rut report

    Doe at 8 am, soon as the sun came out around 1030 three bucks all came into the CRP from different directions.. one 3.5 ten broken up, had the look of love in his eyes..
  7. stringleech

    The Great Outdoors (Pictures)

    i live in nothern wisconsin where we see some great sunsets but i dont think some compare to an Iowa sunset,, headed there tomorrow, cant wait.
  8. stringleech


    do your cams have internal memory,? just saying there could be some gold on there for you.
  9. stringleech

    PMA Membership Join Here

    Hi guys, excited to be making another trip to the great state of Iowa next week. Im trying to log into my papal to renew my PMA and for some reason it wont let me go to PayPal. Could it be that im using chrome? want to renew it possible
  10. stringleech

    Iowa Deer Classic 2016 Pics

    was there for the first time in my life , Friday and Sat, would of loved to have met some more IW guys.
  11. stringleech

    October 25th SE Iowa Buck

    beauty, nice job
  12. stringleech

    My Once in a Lifetime Buck Named Patches

    very nice buck, congrats
  13. stringleech

    HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!

    what a nice story, great job on an awesome deer, and way to give the credit where it is due. God is great.
  14. stringleech

    Since it's been so slow

    that is an absolute giant, and a beautiful set of pics.. good job
  15. stringleech

    Stringleach connects again!

    thanks again John for all you help, like i said its guys like you that keep me coming back to Iowa, you need to apply for you tag by 12/10/2016. you should look into the wisconsin learn to hunt program, everyone thinks it a kids program but its for anyone. you might be able to get a tag earlier...
  16. stringleech


    Congrats, awesome way to make memories with you son and a great deer!
  17. stringleech

    Full Day hunts??? Input please

    I agree, Friday is gonna tip the scales in out favor, at least up north, 30 degree temp change and rain stopping.. definitely all day. as far as now i guess i would still sit all day especially if you can get in early when its still cool, you never know what these guys are gonna do and if a hot...
  18. stringleech

    Stringleach connects again!

    thanks again Nick for posting these. I tried with last years buck and the pic ended up being about an inch in diameter.. and thanks for the replies. i must say that God has truly blessed me in my Iowa hunts. the memories i have made there are awesome and some of the guys i've met on here have...
  19. stringleech

    Run of bad luck

    funny this should come up, i'm sitting in northern wis hunting sat nite, anxiously awaiting this sunday when i head to Iowa. as i sit there looking at the cam on my Z7 i notice the axle looks different, like its out from the fork in the riser about a 1/16th of an inch. i thought it didn't look...
  20. stringleech

    Lost Land Permission

    sad that our sport is getting sold out to the highest bidder! ticks me off...
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